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Campaign Spotlight: POL and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health launches new campaign showing the journey out of the COVID-19 bubble

NORWAY — The new ad from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and agency POL shows the isolation and social distancing with a relatable element, the bubble.

The bubbles are a good metaphor for how life has been during this pandemic, and how it’s shaped the conversations at work and around the dinner table. With approved coronavirus vaccines, the journey out of the bubble and back to everyday life can finally begin.


“We want those who are recommended vaccination to be able to make an informed choice. To achieve this, we must ensure that we reach the population with a relevant message in a way that is relatable,” says Anita Daae, Senior Marketing Consultant at NIPH.

The most anticipated event of our time

The campaigns task is to inform the population that the vaccines are approved and available, who will be prioritized, why they will recieve it, and why the rest of us have to wait a little longer.

“These vaccines against Covid-19 are perhaps the most anticipated event of our time. Everyone is talking about it. All news outlets follow the case closely, and there is a common understanding that such a vaccine must be in place in order for our lives to return to a more normal state. A more exciting task to convey through good communication is difficult to find,” says Marius Eriksen, Account Director at POL.

Client: Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
Client contact: Anita Daae (Senior Marketing Consultant)
Agency: POL

POL (Creative Agency)
Copy: Sindre Holmedal Johnstad
Art direction: Erlend Løfald
Account Director: Marius Eriksen
Account Manager: Ina Egelandsdal
Account Manager: Kristine Eikenes
Designer: Andrea Engum

Einar Film (Film Production):
Director: Andreas Kleiberg
Photo: Johan Fredrik Bødtker
Exec. Producer: Rut Solli
Post. Producer: Madicken Langvad
Production Lead: Nicoline Helgø and Steffi Van den Branden

Storm Studios (VX)
VFX Supervisor: Ivar Rystad
VFX Producer: Morten Jacobsen
CG Lead: Håvard Munkejord

Shortcut Oslo (Post Production)
Editor: Magnus Evensen
Sound: Johannes Dekko
Grade: Ghislain Rio
Online: Christian Vaardal
Post. Producer: Ida Fiskerud

Chris Emmington

Mette Holme Nielsen (Folk og Film)

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