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Campaign Spotlight: Prime Video France & HEREZIE present CITÉS, a series highlighting French youth and their relationship to French heritage

FRANCE — Starting February 26, 2021, Prime Video France is launching, exclusively on TikTok, CITÉS, a series written and directed by French author and artist Abd Al Malik.

An original idea by Herezie, produced and designed by and for TikTok, CITÉS is the first Prime Video series that involves TikTok in all the stages of production, from casting, to shooting, editing, and broadcasting.


Produced by Quad stories, the series, composed of 12 episodes of up to 60 seconds (the maximum length of a TikTok), was shot on an iPhone. The series is also partly post-produced with the platform’s creative tools and filters. The series’ codes are rooted in the application’s trends – its dances, music, street art…

Last December, Prime Video launched a challenge on TikTok: #PrimeVideoCasting. In two videos, Abd Al Malik called on the platform’s users to reinterpret a classic from French heritage. A total of more than 45,000 participants, 105 million views and a dozen actors 100% selected on TikTok.

The series will run on TikTok, hosted on @primevideofr (Amazon Prime Video France) as well as a dedicated page within the platform. The day before the series’ release (2/25) director Abd Al Malik and a selection of actors held a live Q&A, and bonus content, including a making-of and interviews with the cast and crew, will be available.

Culture as a way of rediscovering togetherness

In France, in every neighborhood, every village, every city center, there are places that bear the names of prominent figures representing our cultural heritage. Places like Albert Camus Middle School, George Sand Square, Isabelle Eberhardt Library, Aragon Plaza – stages of everyday life, where youth from all walks of life meet up to rap, dance, skateboard, play basketball, football, or simply hang out.

CITÉS is a new genre of series that shows us the trials and tribulations of a group of friends (aged 15 to 25), spread out across France, connected by TikTok who, using the app’s features, bring to life notable quotes from famed authors.

That’s what is being told – with that inventiveness and flamboyance so distinctive of today’s youth. CITÉS is the first series entirely created on TikTok, an online platform and playful tool of communication all at once.

CITÉS highlights the relationship between youth and France’s cultural heritage by striving to show that there is no disconnection between them. We just have to tell it through the prism of our times.


Social brand manager : Alexandre Andresciani
Social brand CD: Enzo Annunziata
ECD: Etienne Renaux, Paul Marty
TV Production: Tanya Kozlova, Laureen Rigot
Art direction : Hugo Doré, Joris Bourquin
Conception : Tom Danguy, Antoine des Beauvais
Social media manager : Douglas Antonio, Lucie Roques
Account Director: Dimitri Boudnikoff
Account Manager: Marine Chenu
Account Executives: Laura Marie, Lisa Duchein
Writer and Director : Abd Al Malik
Production : Prime Video France
Production executive : Quad Stories
Broadcast : TikTok


Stanel Bruno : @stanelbruno / Juliette Mabilat : @iamjuliette._ / Paloma Reynaud : @palessap / Pauline Chiron : @paulinealopecia / Raja Haseeb : @rajacomedy / Jaouen Gouevic : @jaouen_gouevic / Hamza Nourou : @hmz_nouro / Lucien Arnaud : @lucien_arnd_ / Tony Pradeau : @tony_pradeau / Laurent Wolff : @pewee93 / Michael Kandy : @kandy_gnd / Véronique Matecka : @vmamck

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