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Campaign Spotlight: Primera Light just made things lighter with Salamat, Pri – our newest inuman anthem

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In these trying times, it’s been tough to find reasons to smile. The world has changed so much these past two years, and most of us found their plates full just by trying to find ways to cope with the new normal.

However, we often forget that while trials abound, there are still more things to be grateful for. From just merely being alive, having the opportunity to write this article, or you finding the time to read it! (thank you!) Every single day is worth celebrating, and that’s exactly what Ginebra San Miguel Inc.’s Primera Light Brandy reminded us with their newest campaign.



Primera Light is the brandy product of Ginebra San Miguel Inc. that aims to remind every kumpare or Pri through “Salamats, Pri” — a catchy, feel-good, and down-to-earth anthem – to always look on the bright side and celebrate all the little big wins in our lives.

Whether it’s a much needed barkada reunion (thanks to the lifted liquor ban!), a fresh new haircut, your first time to register as a voter, or just simply being alive and healthy, we all deserve to take a break, open a bottle of Primera Light and say… Salamats, Pri!

The musical production was performed live on set by Primera Light ambassadors, Matteo Guidicelli and Albert Nicolas, along with their mga bagong Pri, Japeth Aguilar, L.A. Tenorio, Ashley Rivera, and a whole ensemble of characters, each one celebrating a unique slice of life that we ought to be thankful for.

At launch day, social media was filled with nostalgia. Some audiences shared how it reminded them of their favorite moments with their friends and family, while some were even moved to tears.

But for IdeasXMachina Group of Hakuhodo along with the team in Ginebra San Miguel, Primera Light’s mission has only just begun. Salamats, Pri is an invitation for all Filipinos, heck for all people, to sing their own pasasalamats, share hope and gratitude, and uplift a nation in need of positivity.

Every ad campaign aims to sell a product. But perhaps equally important is to impart an experience, an inspiring one. So, to Primera Light, our friends and family, our colleagues, and partners, and to you, our dear readers, we say… Salamats, Pri!

Watch the video here https://fb.watch/a8ViniJAdV/

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