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Campaign Spotlight: Publicis Italia creates campaign for Diesel’s JoggJeans

MILAN – Unlike many online dating profiles, data doesn’t lie. And it tells us this: every single day, in the world of online dating, there are 5 million matches. One million of those turn into actual face to face dates. Now, how many of these first dates end up in beautiful romantic endeavors or at least in half-decent acts of…love? Exactly.  

But worry not, Diesel is here to help. For those of us who’ve been trapped into first dates we wished we could have teleported out of, now there’s JoggJeans, the denim made to run away from bad dates.


Inspired by the internet’s most unsuccessful short love stories, Diesel made an online film that showcases, these jeans are the go-to outfit for romantic encounters.

In it, a guy goes on a dating streak, meeting all kinds of characters. From ice queens to a man named Monika who (you’ve probably guessed this already), looks nothing like his profile picture.

The film is just a part of a global integrated campaign created by Publicis Italy including print, OOH, e-commerce, a series of local activations and hyper-targeted social media content that aim to inform and equip serial daters with the right gear to escape.

So, next time you end up on a date with someone who, say, wants to live with you in the woods, far from civilization, don’t just sit there politely. Make sure you wear your JoggJeans, get up and GTFO.

That’s what Diesel made them for.



Client: Diesel

Agency: Publicis Italia

Global Chief Creative Director Publicis WW e Ceo Publicis Italia: Bruno Bertelli

Chief Creative Officer: Cristiana Boccassini

Global Digital Creative Directors: Milos Obradovic, Mihnea Gheorghiu

Creative Supervisor: Costanza Rossi

Art Director: Hugo Wahledow

Copywriter: Claudia Illan

Strategic Planner: Noa Dekel

Client Service Director: Barbara Pusca

Account Team: Maria Elena Gaglianese, Filippo D’Andrea, Giuseppe Esposito

Social Media Manager: Filippo Festuccia

Agency Producer: Alice Crovato

Art Buyer: Caterina Collesano


Production Company: The Family

Director: Marco Prestini

DOP: Mauro Chiarello

Editor: Fabrizio Squeo, Samuele Schiavo

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