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Campaign Spotlight: Puerto de Indias launches new Valentine’s campaign conceived by Serviceplan Spain with influencer Dulceida

MADRID, SPAIN — Serviceplan Spain, the digital agency of Puerto de Indias for the last 3 years, has been tasked with shaping the special Valentine’s Day campaign, in collaboration with the Spanish content creator Aida Domenech.

The Spanish gin Brand Puerto de Indias celebrates Valentine’s Day with the famous influencer Aida Domenech, with 3 million Instagram followers. Puerto de Indias, together with its new ambassador, for next months, and Serviceplan Spain, launches a special collection of its iconic pink bottle, unifying the red color of strawberries and love, resulting in four original bottle designs chosen by consumers of the sweet gin. These designs were tested among the #PuertoLovers and, after the success obtained, they decided to listen to their followers and not keep just one, but launch them all. Each of them is inspired by a phase of love to celebrate the moment in which we feel: Attraction, Seduction, Falling in Love, and Real Love.


With this launch, the brand wants to transmit the essence of uniqueness, love, youth, and modernity in order to empathize with its target audience, so Serviceplan Spain made a perfect choice with the influencer to be Brand ambassador for the Valentine’s campaign.

Serviceplan Spain has been in charge of the Puerto de Indias digital and creative strategy since 2019 for the main countries where the brand is marketed: USA, UK, Germany, Mexico, and Latam, in addition to Spain. For the realization of this Valentine’s Day campaign, the agency collaborated with photographer Félix Valiente and production company WeareCP.

Will Puerto de Indias surpass the success of the previous special edition in 2021? On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2021, Puerto de Indias wanted to get closer to its community of #PuertoLovers, dyeing its traditional strawberry bottle red to express love on February 14th. This special edition led the brand to become a top seller on Amazon, selling thousands of units and running out of stock in just a few hours during Valentine’s week. The brand was able to replenish its entire stock in just two days. With the 2022 Valentine’s, Puerto de Indias and Serviceplan Spain are hoping to surpass the success of the 2021 campaign. Puerto de Indias is already the preferred and most consumed spirits brand in Spain, according to data from a study conducted by Idea Strategic Research Solutions.

The campaign will run for three weeks from 24th January in the UK, Germany, Mexico, Latam, and the USA with different claims adapted according to alcohol politics of every market.

Watch the UK version ‘Spanish Spirit’ here.


Agency: Serviceplan Spain
Client: Puerto de Indias
Brand: Puerto de Indias Strawberry
Client contact: Erwin Maldonado, Laura Noguera
CEO: Ainhoa de la Pozas
Creative Director: Emilio Valverde
Supervisor: Rafa Serra
Digital Director: Javier Ruiz
Art Director: David Pérez
Copy: Teresa Garcia
Account Director: Victoria Mirasol
Executive of Digital Account: Pedro Nolasco Palacios
Producer: Carlos Avellana
Photographer: Félix Valiente
Production Company: WeareCP

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