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Campaign Spotlight: Ramadan ads Flux & XL Axiata’s “Message for Raka” hits more than 10 million wiews

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Idenya Flux, an independent advertising & digital agency located in Senayan, South Jakarta, creates a meaningful PT. XL Axiata Tbk.’s Ramadan ad campaign, the most famous mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia.




The ad, entitled Pesan untuk Raka (Message for Raka), is an adaptation of a true story that tells about the life of a young couple, where her husband, Raka, works as a medical worker at the hospital. Homelife, which was originally full of warmth and laughter, has turned into a distance along with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The husband must be in charge of caring for Covid-19 patients and giving up most of the time with his wife, Nina, who is pregnant with their first child. The number of patients continues to increase from day to day, making the husband experience exhaustion until he is finally exposed to Covid-19 which took his life. The wife, who was pregnant when her husband died, felt such a deep pain that it was difficult for her to accept. However, family support managed to strengthen her to face the ordeal.

The video, which was first released on April 7, 2021 on YouTube, has managed to get more than 10 million views in a matter of weeks and is still growing every day. In addition, the comments column was also flooded with hundreds of positive comments from netizens who had watched the video by Idenya Flux as an advertising & digital agency Jakarta appointed by XL Axiata.

The CEO of Idenya Flux, Yohanes Auri, said, “This ad is a form of our appreciation for medical personnel who are at the forefront of handling Covid-19 amid this pandemi. Ramadan will be very different without the presence of family members who have passed away. For that, we want to invite each of us to be able to join hands, strengthen and provide support to families and all communities who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19 or are struggling against this pandemic that is still going on.”

One of the comments from viewers came from Gita Carisma who said, “It’s moving, the story is very much related to our current situation. One of the best commercials I’ve ever watched.”

“An interesting closing sentence at the end of the video can be used as a reminder to us to always be grateful for the togetherness that is still owned today with loved ones by continuing to maintain communication with them. Those of us who are not used to being alone don’t need to run alone. Just walk back to find happiness here.” concluded Yohanes Auri.

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