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Campaign Spotlight: Reebok’s latest initiative shows why job interview questions need to be gender-neutral

NEW DELHI, INDIA — Reebok, the world’s leading athletic lifestyle brand, recently collaborated with VICE on the occasion of International Women’s Day to conduct a social experiment. During the experiment, men from different walks of life were asked gender-biased questions that are normally addressed towards women during job interviews.

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The questions ranged from asking how they plan to manage a job with children, or the ways in which they navigate the workplace if the work hours are late to what it is like to be a “man” in a work environment. As a result, they were naturally taken aback. The majority of participants stated that they have never had to justify balancing their career with family, working late, or other factors that may affect their workplace efficiency.

Reebok has always been a women-first brand and has run several women-led campaigns, such as Fit to Fight that challenged the gendered stereotypes and celebrated the strength of women from different walks of life. This initiative urges to go beyond clichés and actually establish a common ground of mutual trust and respect for all the candidates, regardless of their gender.

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