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Campaign Spotlight: Reprise and Listerine bring mouths to life this Raya

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Reprise Digital, the full-service integrated communications agency within the IPG Mediabrands network, has launched a campaign with Listerine Malaysia to usher in the Raya celebrations.

Titled, “Mulut Kosong Kosong: Mulut Sihat, Raya Penuh Berkat” (Clean Mouth: Healthy Mouth, Raya Full of Blessings), the campaign aims to amplify the importance of oral health during Ramadan and into the Raya festive period. The digital campaign features a series of three short films showcasing different personality mouths celebrating Ramadan, with the premise to keep a healthy mouth that is free of germs (‘kosong kosong’).

Kim Chew, Client Service Director of Reprise said, “The campaign was inspired by Malaysians who love a play on words. In this instance, the word mouth (mulut) is used alongside to provide a unique personality for each ‘mouth’ character, typical characters one would find around the Ramadan/ Raya dining table. We wanted to personify attributes of a healthy mouth to encourage Malaysians to practice good oral care throughout Ramadan and help them attain a healthy mouth (mulut sihat).”


Tracy Foo Swee Ki, Senior Brand Manager of Listerine said, “Personifying the different personalities in this way, and really giving them characters, beyond just the verbal narrative was extremely important. The mouth is the main feature of the shots, and the Reprise team took great care to provide the right treatments to highlight mouths in a non-offensive, truly appealing way. The message we want to leave you with is that swishing twice a day with Listerine doesn’t just help to keep your breath fresh, it helps you enjoy Raya with a cleaner, healthier mouth.”

Kim adds, “Getting the mouths just right was extremely tricky but fun at the same time. When casting, we carefully identified actors in a very minute way. Interestingly, the actors too needed a few rounds of practice to get the right nuances of expression, limited to just the mouth, lips, tongue and teeth. We also worked closely with a very talented makeup artist who painted the characters very attractively. Essentially, the mouth becomes the body and the face simultaneously!”

As part of the campaign, an Instagram filter contest was launched, with a prize for the best responses to nosy questions asked during Raya celebrations. Users can record their best comebacks, manners in mind, along with the hashtag #MulutKosongKosong on Instagram reels.

Working with sister agency Universal McCann, key opinion leaders were also engaged to drive the campaign message. The film released across all digital platforms. View the films here:

“Mulut Makan”
Translated: Foodie Mouth (One who eats everything during Ramadan without any concern towards oral health)

“Mulut Manis”
Translated: Sweet Mouth (One who is the centre of attention because of good oral health and her dazzling smile)

“Mulut Bawang”
Translated: Onion Mouth (Onion is used colloquially, as someone who enjoys socialising and gossiping about others. She is confident about her oral health)

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