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Campaign Spotlight: Sid Lee helps Klepierre welcome back customers with colorful OOH campaign “We are Open”

PARIS, FRANCE – As we start to come out of lockdown and search for a new normal, Klepierre, a major player in shopping center real estate in continental Europe, is welcoming back customers through “We Are Open”, a new digital outdoor campaign of 10 unique illustrations.

Conceived by Sid Lee, “We Are Open” aims to convey multiple messages, starting with its tagline which serves as a literal reminder that shopping centers are re-opening, as well as a more figurative expression of Klepierre’s open-mindedness and hospitality. The series of 10 colorful images by Parisian illustrator Séverine Assous convey warmth and the joy of re-connecting. At the heart of each illustration are the employees who have returned to work and to whom Klepierre want to express gratitude – these are the people who give life to the centers. The dynamic artwork also serves as an important reminder of the precautions we still need to undertake in order to move freely and safely.

“We Are Open” continues the brand’s visual identity, developed by Sid Lee and will run in centers across 13 countries in 11 different languages.


Agency : sid lee Paris
Chairman – Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
President: Johan Delpuech
Creative Directors: Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa
Managing Director: Mehdi Benali
Art Director: Adriana Guix, Olivier Bodet
Copywriters : Max Harrington, Jillian Young
Group Account Director: Héloïse Marchal
Senior Account Manager : Camille Caucat
Head of Production: Thomas Laget
Producer : Benoît Fernandes
Strategist Managing Director : Bruno Lee
Strategist : Augustin Pietrini

Production and art buying : Saké Paris
Creative consultant : Nicolas Poillot
Photographer : Emmanuelle Descraques
Set Designer : Camille Lebourges
Stylist : Annelaure Nicolas
3D : Studio Brasch
Post-production : Willy Corvo & Jeremy Préau
Executive production : Family Production

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Theda Braddock is an American who lives and works in Paris. She helps agencies develop their communication and promote creativity, and writes for several publications when she has time.

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