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Campaign Spotlight: South Africa invites the world to come “Live Again”

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA — South Africa is decidedly spearheading the global shift towards a “post-lockdown” global travel and tourism era. The destination marketing organisation, South African Tourism, unveiled its first global audio-visual marketing campaign in five years.

Around the world extended periods of living with COVID-19 left people yearning for a travel experience that can break them out of the cycle of stress and numbness they have come to feel. People increasingly want to live their lives to the fullest and have experiences beyond the fleeting moment of mere rest and relaxation. As such, bucket-list destinations, adventures and experiences are high on travellers’ priorities.

With a globally-benchmarked health and safety protocols in place, South Africa is poised to not only give travellers a life-enriching experience with its wide variety of tourism experiences and products, but travellers can have the comfort of knowing that they will be safe enjoying their time in South Africa.


The “Live Again” Global Brand advert captures the story of a young traveller’s life-changing journey through South Africa. Feeling numb, she leaves her home country and heads to South Africa. From the moment she arrives, she starts to reawaken as she begins to experience South Africa and its amazing people. It is a showcase of captivatingly beautiful landscapes, dynamic culture and people, vibrant night-life and exquisite cuisine.

Headlining the launch, South Africa’s Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu spoke of the South African tourism sector’s intent to restore tourism’s allure, “Resilience, industriousness and adaptability are part of the indefatigable South African spirit. Fuelled by these qualities, and driven by an unshakable conviction that we can and must climb back to the peaks we have previously summited with tourism in our country, we boldly announce to the world that South Africa is open and ready to welcome all visitors.”

Minister Sisulu added that “the goal is simple, albeit daunting under the circumstances – restore the sector to its pre-COVID-19 pinnacle and take it even higher. The aim is to use this to catapult South Africa’s tourism sector to the forefront of the country’s economic recovery effort and position South Africa as safe and secure destination.”

Also Speaking at the launch SA Tourism Acting Chief Executive Officer Mzilikazi Themba Khumalo said, “This campaign sums up South Africa’s resolve to not postpone living life to the fullest one moment longer. It taps into South Africans’ renowned optimism and resilience that have stood this nation in good stead at every turn when we faced seemingly intractable challenges. Through it all, we never lose our zeal for life and we’re inviting the world to approach the COVID-19 situation in the same way. We are inviting everyone to come experience the unique sounds and textures of South African cultures and experience. We’re saying it’s time to ‘Live Again ‘but to continue to observe COVID-19 safety protocols.”

“The ‘Live Again’ brand campaign entails the country’s brand promise to deliver the ultimate leisure and business events travel experiences that will re-energize body, mind and spirit. Through the South African song created especially for the film – weaving in sounds and textures of this rich tapestry of people and experiences, we continue to extend our signature hospitality with grace and gratitude,” added Khumalo.

South Africa welcomed 2,255,699 arrivals in 2021. Already, green-shoots of what promises to be a strong recovery of the sector are increasingly observable, with thousands of travellers making their way to our shores to scratch the travel itch that has been bugging them for two years.

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