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Campaign Spotlight: Standard Chartered Bank and TBWA\India launch #TechItEasy, the new age of banking

MUMBAI, INDIA – Standard Chartered Bank launched a 360 degree brand campaign for its suite of digital banking solutions that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Conceptualised by TBWA\India the campaign promises a banking experience where people can #TechItEasy.

A thought that resonates with a generation that finds everything online. Everything they need is available easily on the nearest screen. And now so are the latest banking solutions. So that there’s one less thing to worry about in a stressful time where lockdowns have become part of common vocabulary. And a trip to the bank an added cause for concern. Standard Chartered Bank’s #TechItEasy campaign offers solutions for these concerns.


And who deserves to take it easy more than a mom-to-be? That’s where brand ambassador superstar Anushka Sharma’s story fits in perfectly.

Headlining the slice of life campaign is a three film series featuring superstar Anushka Sharma in her new avatar as mom-to-be. Each film demonstrates how everyday life becomes easy and enjoyable, more so for an expectant young mum, thanks to these new age contactless digital banking solutions.

From a film about the Video KYC facility where Anushka Sharma completes her KYC from the comfort of her home to one about a Virtual Credit Card where the card reaches her inbox before it reaches her doorstep, nudging her to indulge her sweet cravings instantly, to one about a personal loan that can be applied for and received online.

The campaign will also have other extensions including OOH innovations, digital and social media.

Managing Partner-Creative of TBWA\India, Parixit Bhattacharya said, “Standard Chartered has stood for solidity and reliability for decades together in our country and now it offers the most effortless suite of banking solutions. We wanted to dramatise the ease of using this suite of digital banking and fortunately for us a pregnant Anushka Sharma made it easy to script the #TechItEasy campaign.”

Adding to that, CEO of TBWA\India, Govind Pandey said, “We have been building the brand Standard Chartered Bank for the emerging affluent audiences of India by resonating with their life ambitions and desires. Anushka Sharma, represents this young, hungry and ambitious audiences perfectly. And our work continues to demonstrate for the third year running how Standard Chartered Bank can enable them to get more done, faster.”

Gaurav Rajput, Head– Brand & Marketing, India, Standard Chartered Bank said: “Standard Chartered has consistently been investing in innovation and bringing simpler, faster, better ways of banking to our clients. We’ve launched digital solutions like Video KYC and Virtual Credit Cards which bring fast and contactless banking to our clients’ devices. Our Video KYC solution enables clients to open accounts, get new cards and personal loans in a completely contactless and digital manner. This is even more meaningful in the current context of the pandemic, where safety and social distancing is a prime concern.”

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