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Campaign Spotlight: StandUp & WashUp, Michelin Star Chefs band together with At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy to help combat COVID-19

SINGAPORE – At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, the award winning culinary and hospitality school in Singapore announced a two-tiered public service campaign amidst the worldwide fight against the COVID-19.

The first tier comprises a series of videos featuring Michelin-starred Chefs in Singapore whom At-Sunrice rallied, to advocate the proper washing of hands before handling food. With the rally cry “StandUp & WashUp”, 9 Michelin Star Chefs lend their support to 12 videos filmed and produced within an intensive one month, which will be released on Sunday March 22, 2020. Each Chef puts their own spin and their language on the message of washing hands, a seemingly simple and logical act which many (surprisingly) do not practice* and are not doing it right. * Fact Check / Article Source: Dailymail UK.



The 12 videos feature 9 Star Chefs in 6 languages:
– Chef Sebastian Lepinoy of Les Amis
– Chef Emmanuel Stroobant of Saint Pierre
– Chef Roberto Galetti of Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
– Chef Manjunath Mural of The Song of India
– Chef Malcolm Lee of Candlenut
– Chef Kirk Westaway of JAAN
– Chef Chan Hon Meng of Hawker Chan
– Chef Sun Kim of Meta
– Chef Seita Nakahara of Terra Tokyo Italian

“The idea of having Michelin star level chefs show us how to properly wash our hands is so
humbling. These guys are F&B’s finest. Seeing these Michelin stars demonstrate how they wash their hands in English, Italian, Chinese, French and Hindi was really something,” shares Robert Gaxiola, Creative Director of KellerMedia.

“It’s a privilege for us to be part of this public service initiative. As a Chef, high standards of food and personal hygiene needs to be practiced at all times. I’m glad to be given this opportunity to share my knowledge with the public and educate them on the proper techniques of washing one’s hands so that we can fight COVID-19 together,” adds Chef Sebastian Lepinoy of Les Amis.

“As a leader in culinary education in Singapore, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has the responsibility to champion the cause of enabling every Singaporean to stay clean and safe. We are thankful that our network of Chefs readily participated in this initiative to educate the public, believing with us that this is the right thing we should be doing as our nation bands together to fight COVID-19,” Dr Kwan Lui, Founder & Director of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy says.

Adding to the public service awareness videos, the second tier of the campaign sees At-Sunrice Easy Chefs, the leisure arm of the academy launching the Kitchen Safety & Hygiene programme to enable the public to practice what the Star Chefs have demonstrated and more. Covering personal hygiene, food hygiene and kitchen hygiene, the programme aims for every Singaporean to walk the talk and adopt good hygiene practices as everyday habits.

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has trained and certified thousands of professionals in becoming hygiene audit officers in the Singapore food & beverage industry according to National Environment Agency’s requirement. At-Sunrice Easy Chefs has extracted and simplified to put together the 4-hour Kitchen Safety & Hygiene certification programme suitable for home makers, domestic helpers, caregivers and general public. The programme has 3 main segments; Learn & Application, Review & Assessment, Assignment & Validation and includes certification awarded by At- Sunrice GlobalChef Academy.

It is designed as an e-learning course and mobile enabled, with videos demonstration and keywords in various languages and priced affordably at $20. It caters to every corner of the community from bosses to local staff and foreign workers, from homemakers to domestic helpers, so that everybody can be enabled to be a kitchen hygiene warrior at their own time at their own pace 24/7. The online-learning approach is a logical and safer option to attending physical classes in this time of COVID-19.

The campaign adds velocity to the government’s effort to ensure every kitchen and household stays clean, safe and hygienic to help keep COVID-19 at bay. Every home is a private restaurant for family and friends, it is therefore important for all to practice good personal hygiene and food safety at home.

Details of the StandUp & WashUp videos and the Kitchen Safety & Hygiene programme will be available on www.at-sunrice.edu.sg from 23 March 2020.

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