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Campaign Spotlight: Stendahls goes in the search of truth in new campaign for Activision’s latest release – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

GOTEBORG, SWEDEN – Gamers worldwide have been counting down the days to the release of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. In Sweden, Activision decided to launch a local campaign aimed at those who enjoyed playing video games but didn’t necessarily identify themselves as hardcore gamers.

Call of DutyMoment of Truth Case (EN)


The game play takes place during the final years of the Cold War. An era where information was considered a vital asset, and polygraph tests were a common way to get hold of it. The Swedish advertising agency Stendahls came up with the idea of using famous artists and influencers, and putting them in a situation that most celebrities are familiar with – Q&A sessions. But what started out as ordinary celebrity interviews, soon became Cold War interrogations.

Moment of Truth is a series of films where influencers are brought to a secret underground interrogation room, connected to a lie detector and made to answer questions from their followers – all asked by a Russian agent.

– Like it or not, influencers have to be considered a vital asset in marketing today. The problem with using influencers, however, is that you can lose control of the output, which often leads to ‘collaborations’ without any creative idea at all, says Mikael Andersson, Copywriter at Stendahls. Alexander Skoglund, Art Director, continues:

– We wanted to change the way many brands work with influencers and show that you can create high quality communication which is entertaining for the audience but also relevant for the product.

The campaign has been very well received and started a lively conversation in local forums and on social media, including +14,500 comments, likes and shares.

Anis Don Demina, Artist, DJ och Youtuber

Alicia Lauterbach, Influencer on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube

Greekazo, Rap artist

Martin Mutumba, Soccer player, podcaster and author


PR Specialist, Activision : Stefan Bonnevier
Nordic Senior Brand Manager, Call of Duty, Activision : Siri Jansson

Chief Creative Officer : Martin Cedergren
Copywriter : Mikael Andersson
Art Director : Alexander Skoglund
Copywriter : Anton Eriksson
Art Director : Viktor Eriksson
Account Director : Anna Lotto
Film Editor : Jimmy Svensson
Strategist : Ludvig Asgarden
Client Director : Jacob Stjärne

Production Company : Fanny & Alexander

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