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Campaign Spotlight: Stuffed Toys in Compromising Positions in Front of the Camera—TBWA SMP Delivers the Most Disturbing Film You Will Watch Today

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The young figure is lit by the glow of the computer screen. Just out of frame, an adult adjusts the figure’s posture into a more suggestive pose, the better for the person on the other end of the webcam to appreciate what they’d paid for. It is a scene that plays out across the Philippines every day, and the fact that the young person is being played by a stuffed toy in this reenactment doesn’t make it any less disturbing. 

The scenario is just one of several presented in a shocking new online film released as part of the SaferKidsPH initiative. A campaign of the Australian Government in partnership with UNICEF, Save the Children Philippines, and The Asia Foundation, SaferKidsPH was created to address the rise in online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC) in the Philippines.


In 2018 alone, there was an estimated minimum of 600,000 photos of naked, sexualized, and abused Filipino children as young as 3 months old were shared and sold online. Working hand in hand with government partners, civil society, youth groups, and members of the private sector, SaferKidsPH aims to inform the public of the horrifying realities faced by these child victims.

Within 24 hours of being posted, the SaferKidsPH film drew over 1.5 million views, and thousands of shares, with netizens reacting in shock, anger, and sadness at the crimes being committed. Many of the comments decried the inhuman treatment that produced OSAEC, vehemently denouncing those who would inflict such atrocities on children. Profoundly unsettling, the film is boldly effective in getting its point across.

According to UNICEF Corporate Alliances Officer Georgina Belardo, the film is a crucial component of SaferKidsPH’s mission to spread awareness and create a conversation that would otherwise be left unheard. “The increasing incidents of OSAEC in Filipino children is rising every year,” said Belardo. “People are not educated on how to protect their children and keep them safe online, so we needed to create this campaign to highlight the risks to children.”

As an introduction to the world of online sexual exploitation, the film is nothing less than devastating. As the initial salvo of a six-year campaign, the film merely marks the beginning of an ongoing battle that SaferKidsPH is determined to win. 

For more information on the SaferKidsPH initiative, and help stop online sexual abuse of Filipino children, please visit or



Chief Creative Officer: Melvin Mangada

Executive Creative Director: Bryan Siy

Creative Director: Ryan Caidic

ACD: James Mendoza

Art Directors: James Mendoza,and Angel Villanueva

Illustrator: Paul Castro 

Copywriters: Bryan Siy and Kyla Caparas 

Client Service Director: Kathy Cosico

Account Director: Alexandra Huang

Strategic Planning Director: Issa Ignacio

Strategic Planner: Jhazel Mendoza

Strategic Director: Chino Testado

Senior Media & Analytics Manager: Ingrid Papa

Director: Petersen Vargas

Editor: Hann Marcelino

Producer: Mich Dela Cruz

Sound Arranger: Jasper Perez and Jigo Viriña

Sound Engineer: JM Leano

Production House: How’s Everything

Audio Production House: Soundesign Manila

Client: UNICEF

Georgina Belardo, Corporate Alliances Officer

Atty. Marj Ardivilla, Child Protection Specialist

Atty. Mitch Muñoz, Child Online Protection Coordinator

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