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Campaign Spotlight: Taking care of your transmissions is easy, so long as you’re alive. TRANSMISSO: The first online estate transmission service

PARIS, FRANCE — Preparing one’s estate is rarely on our “to do list,” we prefer to tell ourselves there’s still time to deal with its transmission, rather than face the anxiety producing chore.

At the end of 2019, in France, unclaimed life insurance policies amounted to nearly 5.5 billion euros*, and unclaimed estates, left without specified heirs, number in the thousands every year. Even more, in the event of death, family members only have 6 months to file the declaration of inheritance: all that time spent calculating the estate, establishing the list of the deceased’s assets is time wasted, not to mention leaves open the risk of forgetting important things**.


Those findings are what inspired the creation of the TRANSMISSIO project in 2021 by 6 founders.

TRANSMISSIO is an online platform that allows its members to identify, organize and save a set of important information in anticipation of their death: the complete inventory of their material and patrimonial goods, the digital memories they wish to leave behind, as well as their wishes and instructions for the organization of their funerals. Upon death, all their information will be automatically transmitted in its entirety to the different recipients that they’ve designated on the platform.

TRANSMISSIO allows members to peacefully prepare their transmission in a simple and organized manner so they can be sure that no part of the estate they’ve built throughout their lives, whether material or immaterial, will be forgotten, lost, or disputed.

The film features a man who, just after his death, realizes he never gave his wife the code to their safe.The problem is that he’s far from home. Very far. Alive, the journey home wouldn’t have been an easy one but, dead … You can only imagine.

The film’s signature, “Dying happens in life” is as unexpected as the offbeat film that opts to play down the notion of transmission.

“Communicating about one’s service when one is helping people anticipate their death is not easy… But when we discovered the script and the off-beat approach it brings, we were immediately hooked! We play down the subject while getting the message across,” said Emmanuel Werba, co-founder of TRANSMISSIO.

This campaign began broadcasting on air and online in February and includes social media.

Agency co-founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Creative Director: Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Copywriter : Julien Perrard
Art Directors: Mathilde Colson, Maxime Dagault
Account Director: Lola Abourmad
Group Manager: Clara Bizet
Advertising Manager: Lisa Duchein
Social Media Manager: Léo Richard
Production Manager: Elodie Jonquille
Communication Director: Lauren Weber-Staricky
Communications Officer: Manon Grébert

Director: Jean-Baptiste Saurel
Producer: Kasia Staniaszek
Production manager: Nicolas Avram
Sound production: Schmooze
Composer : Sanjiv Sen (editor Ultra Schmooze)


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