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Campaign Spotlight: ‘Taming Giants’, extreme trail run to scale Mont Blanc stars in thrilling animated film for Swiss running brand On

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – A romantic couple, as well as trail running partners, Katie Schide and Germain Grangier spend an extreme 42 hours in the Alps to finish an epic journey. Their sheer determination shines through as they travel over 188 kilometers and accumulate approximately 14,000 meters of elevation over two summits of more than 4,000m in height. This real-life adventure is captured in a mix of film and animation with additional footage shot by the couple themselves during their heroic expedition.

Their venture commands more than sporting prowess and perseverance – but also a deep understanding and utmost respect for the mountains and glaciers they encounter during this grueling exploration across one of the highest mountain ranges in the world.


On | Taming Giants feat. Katie Schide & Germain Grangier

This gallant expedition and compelling paradox between two people in love with each other and with the mountains is depicted in “Taming Giants” which goes live today and is produced by On, Studio AKA and creative director, Simon Brotherson, released at As the first animated production by the Swiss sportswear company, the imaginative film tells the tale of determination to succeed and respect for nature. Depicting the mountains themselves as giants watching over those who dare to enter their kingdom with challenging eyes. However as the couple prove their expertise, determination and reverence, the mountain giants drop their guard and become friends.

“This has become the ultimate adventure, resulting in a mammoth achievement by two of the most determined ultra athletes in the world,” says Feliciano Robayna, Head of Sports Marketing, On. “Katie and Germain have a deep respect and understanding of mountain landscapes, having both studied geology, and the nature that surrounds them. The time devoted to preparing and planning their journey shows the enduring commitment they have towards accomplishing each project with extreme efficiency. We have commissioned a creative adaptation of their story into our own version of events through imaginative animation—our first production of its kind. Taming Giants is also a film about two talented and competitive athletes, doing what they do best, challenging themselves and pushing their ability to the absolute limits.”

Director Manddy Wyckens of London’s Studio AKA created the animation drawing inspiration from the graphic style of 1920’s travel posters.

“We took a live-action mountaineering challenge and reinterpreted it by adding magical elements to translate the danger, hardships, and the immense forces of nature at play.” says Manddy Wyckens, animation director. “To do so, we created a very minimal design, a palette in shades of blue and an immense landscape to immerse the viewer within the mountain’s atmosphere.”

As ultra athletes in the world of trail running (both top ten UTMB contenders in 2019) Katie and Germain were eager to combine mountaineering with their love for trail running. Their latest project had been in development for some time, requiring several months of logistical planning and preparation. But as any climber will tell you, while breathtakingly beautiful and awe inspiring, mountains can also be cruel and unforgiving, unless you treat nature’s most arduous landscape with reverence, whereby it will offer kindness and passage in return.

Setting out at dawn in Cervinia, Italy, Katie and Germain begin their journey by climbing the Breithorn, a summit over 4,000m on the border between Switzerland and Italy. After spending the night at the beautiful Schönbielhütte (Schönbiel Hut), they depart for a 120km passage on the famous Glacier Haute Route, stretching from Zermatt in Switzerland, to Chamonix in France. Forced to take refuge from the weather in Chamonix, they complete their trip by climbing the Mont Blanc in less than 12 hours.

“With most of the events cancelled this year, this project was a good opportunity to go back to the roots of what we love most: spending long days moving through the mountains,” says Katie.

For further insight into the story of Katie and Germain’s adventure across the Alps and to watch the release of “Taming Giants” on September 29th, visit


Katie Schide & Germain Grangier

Creative Director
Simon Brotherson

Filming & Photography
Mountains Legacy

Sarah MacNeil
Vicki Bryson
Feliciano Robayna

Animation Production
Company: Studio AKA

Animation Director
Manddy Wyckens

Animation Producer
Sharon Titmarsh

VO Artist
Stephane Cornicard

Nick Rapaccioli

Hasani Franke, Work Editorial

Post Production

Mountain Guide & Photography
Matias Dumas

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