Campaign Spotlight: The Brooklyn Brothers’ Kranavatn Campaign Encourages Tourists to Drink Iceland’s Tap Water to Help Save the Environment


Let’s talk about water. More specifically, tap water. We tend to take it for granted because no matter the destination or country we find ourselves in, there will always be a faucet we can rely on. 

However, we don’t usually trust tap water when we’re travelling for fear of getting a disease. We would rather be safe than sorry, so we resort to buying bottled water. These plastic bottles eventually end up in landfills or even the ocean when not disposed of properly.

To lessen the negative impact of water bottles on the environment, the Icelandic Tourism Board, with the help of The Brooklyn Brothers, created a campaign to encourage tourists visiting Iceland to drink their tap water instead. 

In the campaign ad, the Icelandic tap water was advertised as a luxury drink. Instead of calling it tap water, they called it by its Icelandic translation: Kranavatn. By using its local name, they give the resource a unique form of branding, one that gives it an identity we can trust.

Kranavatn is pure spring water that’s naturally filtered through layers of lava. The filtering process, according to the tourism board, makes the water fresh and tasty. 

The best part about Kranavatn? You can find it anywhere in Iceland, and for free.

Sign a pledge to make Kranavatn your drink of choice when you visit Iceland at


Global agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Local agency: Islenska


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