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Campaign Spotlight: The Force is Stronger on this Limited Edition ‘Star Wars’ Coca-Cola OLED-Enabled Bottles

Have you ever thought of challenging someone in a duel, the “Jedi” way? Well, now you can! 


Coca-Cola Singapore released special limited edition bottles that light up when touched, so you’re always ready for battle. These Star Wars bottles are a first of their kind, and were created by Berlin-based startup OLED company, Inuru. All you need to do is place your fingers at any part of the plastic wrap, and the lightsabers printed on the bottles immediately light up.


The bottle’s packaging features a printed electronic circuit and a built-in printed battery, which could light up for about 500 times. For those who are concerned for the environment, however, the company claims that the diodes are “eco-friendly” as they didn’t use rare earth materials during manufacturing.

There are only 8,000 bottles available and are currently exclusive in Singapore. Those interested can only buy a bottle once they obtain a special pass which is won by solving a riddle available on the official campaign website. Successful entrants receive the secret location of the bottles, which in reality are select 7-Eleven stores in the city.

The ‘galactic hunt’ runs from December 6 to 22, 2019 in the city-state. Check out Coca-Cola’s Instagram, Facebook for more details. May the force be with you!

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