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Campaign Spotlight: The Red Star Fans are Now Officially Part of the Team as BETC Create an Alternative Third Club Jersey

FRANCE – French football club Red Star with agency BETC has released its version of the third shirt as a tribute to fans and to thank them for their continuous support.

Instead of launching a traditional third shirt like other, bigger football clubs, Red Star created a temporary tattoo of the club’s logo. These stickers were then distributed to fans for just 50cents during the game. The tattoo is placed on the chest, playing with the club’s slogan “our heart, our strength”—the club is forever in (and now on) their hearts.


Red Star is from a working-class area in Paris. It had some successful years however now plays in a lower division, though fans still support it fiercely. Their pride comes from their working-class values, not from appearance or money. And so, instead of using a third jersey to make millions like other clubs, Red Star created ‘The Third Shirt’ to pay homage to its fans and their unremitting loyalty.

“This alternative Third Shirt tattoo idea that you put on your heart is fantastic. There is no third shirt, it’s not about business, it’s just about our love for Red Star.” Wilfried, Red Star supporter.

“Born in the Parisian suburb of St Ouen, the Red Star football club has a strong identity and working-class values, which sets them apart from many of the bigger clubs. Third Shirt project shows that this local club can connect with their community, whilst also resonating with people globally.” Remi Babinet, Founder, President and Creative Director BETC Group.

‘The Third Shirt’ is a simple but affective tribute to fans, representing the club and its supporters’ shared values. The tattoos were worn by fans and players alike, and received extensive media coverage on TV, press and social media. 

The tattoo may fade, but this Red Star will always be in its supporters’ hearts.



Conception: Alexandre Girod
Direction artistique: Julien Vergne
Conception redaction: Stéphane Xiberras

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