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Campaign Spotlight: The Womb’s Campaign for Saregama Carvaan Tops WARC Effective 100 Rankings for Most Effective Campaign in 2018

MumbaiWARC, the global authority on advertising and media effectiveness, and now part of Ascential – the company that also owns brands like the Cannes Lions, declared Saregama Carvaan as the most effective campaign in the world! The WARC Effective 100 rankings were released today morning.

The Womb also made it to the Top 10 most creative agencies in the world, and is the only independent agency in the Top 10 list. The Womb also helped India finish among the Top 3 nations where the most effective work is being created.

Carvaan’s underdog story and success has already become part of marketing lore in India, and it now deservingly sits at the top of the heap in global sweepstakes as well. Additionally, on the back of this path-breaking work, Carvaan pushed itself into the top 5 brands in the world – just behind Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Burger King and Ikea.


Vikram Mehra – CEO, Saregama India, had this to say on the recognition, “The commercial and critical success of Carvaan is a testament to our belief that the key to innovation is listening to our customers. We are proud to have The Womb as our strategic partners in this successful journey.”

An excited Navin Talreja and Kawal Shoor, Co- Founding Partners, The Womb, said, “We took on an almost terminal business challenge in the first year of starting our agency. We helped the client meet it, and beat it with a product innovation, that too for an innovation-phobic elderly audience! This has been such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What more can we ask for after this recognition, except that we must now move on…to the next big thing!”

The WARC Effective 100 (successor to the WARC 100) tracks the performance of campaigns, brands and agencies in marketing effectiveness and strategy competitions around the world. And the rankings are a global benchmark for commercial creativity.

The ‘behind-the-scenes’ article on how the world’s most effective campaign came about can be accessed from the WARC site.

More about the world’s most effective 2018 campaign here.

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