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Campaign Spotlight: Togetherwith and Stellantis launched “Jeep® Translate”, an invitation to Discover what only Jeep® means

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — Togetherwith and Stellantis Jeep® launched “Translate,” a campaign that focused on the brand spirits, through what it means.

“Behind the Jeep® logo is its spirit”, said Lulo Calió, CCO & Partner of Togetherwith. And he added: “This is a very punctual and direct campaign, which aims to make people discover the literal meaning of the brand. This is one of those ideas that a brand can’t stop doing.”

Under the claim “I discovered what only Jeep® means”, the initiative can be seen on public roads and digitally, where people, by scanning a QR code, will be redirected to a translator’s page. In this way, it is revealed that when translating Jeep® into Spanish it means “off-road,” even for the Royal Spanish Academy.


This makes it the only brand in the world whose meaning reveals its own DNA. We can say that, in some way, Jeep® transformed our language.


Title: Translate
Client: Stellantis Argentina
Product: Jeep®
Agency: Togetherwith
CEO: Santiago Puiggari
CCO: Lulo Calió
Digital Manager: Cruz Mujica
VP of Clients Operations: Martín Alonso
Business Director: Andrés San Emeterio
Creative Directors: Ezequiel Orlandi, Zim Hernández and Fermín Varangot
Creative Team: Héctor Rubiño, Juan Migliardo and Agustina Fernández
Account Director: Martina Correa Dames
Account Executive: Nadia Barreyro
Social Media & Content Manager: Marta Barrera
Agency Production: José Bustos
Editor and Animation: Ignacio Martínez
Client Responsables: Sebastián Giménez, Jorgelina Magnano, Carolina Iglesias Berrondo, Mariana Falcone, Marina Santilli, Laura Lapietra, Andrés Gobbi.

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