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Campaign Spotlight: Tonic Worldwide and NazariyaQFRG enable LGBTQIA community to “Wear their Pride” on Zoom

MUMBAI, INDIA – NazariyaQFRG, a queer resource group working on issues of gender and sexuality, has launched a campaign in support of the LGBT*QIA community, calling on them to take pride in themselves. The campaign was conceptualized and executed by Tonic Worldwide.

Despite the decriminalization of section 377 in India in 2018, the LGBTQIA community is still often subjected to prejudice and discrimination by the larger society. This stigma holds them back from openly coming out.

On May 17, also known as the international day against homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia, NazariyaQFRG launched eight virtual backgrounds on video-calling app Zoom.


Each of the backgrounds represents one color of the pride flag as a symbol of the community. The backgrounds are all available for download and are being promoted on various social media platforms.


NazariyaQFRG’s “Wear Your Pride” campaign aims to help the community be proud. It is also an invitation to families, workspaces, and society at large to be more inclusive of LGBT*QIA+ persons.



Tonic Worldwide

Chief Executive Officer: Chetan Asher
Chief Operating Officer: Samir Asher
Chief Strategy Officer: Unmisha Bhatt
Chief Business Officer: Sudish Balan

Head of Innovations: Pratik Hatankar
Copy Writer : Aishwarya Karkera
Art Director: Deepak Shinde
Partner Innovations : Julliet Arakkal
Design Visualizers/Designer: Vinay Parab
Outreach: Malavika Nair , Balaji R

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