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Campaign Spotlight: Turning virtual hearts into real pizza hearts – Pizza Hut Malaysia is sending love from afar

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Over the past 12 months, the pandemic has affected everyone throughout the world in multiple ways. While social distancing is still important in keeping our loved ones safe, it can put a strain on our relationships, as we had to relay our feelings through virtual mediums, like messaging and calls to keep the bond going.

Love buoys our spirits, providing much needed support during these uncertain times. With that in mind, Pizza Hut aims to make it much easier for Malaysians to reconnect and rekindle their relationships with the launch of Pizza Heart – where you can now literally send love that you can physically hold, hug and taste from a safe distance.

“At Pizza Hut, we always strive to bring Malaysians together through delightful and heart-warming pizza experiences. We believe that this romantic season is a good reminder that love is around us and that we should always cherish and express our love and care to the important people in our lives – not just the special someone that we adore, but also to our family and friends. The love and care around us provides the much-needed support as we go through these difficult times together. Unfortunately, simple physical acts of love such as hugs are still in the past since Covid-19 emerged more than 12 months ago.


Pizza Hut vowed to bring back the simple physical love gestures that has been otherwise impossible with the tight SOPs and social distancing. Instead of just sending virtual love online, Malaysians can now literally send a physical heart-shaped pizza packed in a heart-shaped box where one can enjoy and taste – a creative way to reconnect with loved ones in this new norm that we live in.

To bring alive the Pizza Heart experience during this month of love, Pizza Hut took matters to their own hands by reaching across the borders to its branches in Singapore in a bid to mend the hearts of the many Malaysians whom were stranded in Singapore.

“Unlike our last year’s gesture of sending Pizza Heart to our competitor friends, our hearts this year were deeply moved by the cases of stranded Malaysians in Singapore, as they have to be physically apart from their loved ones in order to make ends meet.”

“Hence, we’ve kept in touch with the families that are going through separation difficulties and are helping them to send their ‘hearts’ to their loved ones in Singapore. Hopefully this heart-warming Pizza Heart experience that they could taste, feel and hug physically, could make the distance more bearable, rekindling the relationships that has been separated by the borders,” said Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut Malaysia.

Pizza Hut’s ‘Turning Virtual into Real Pizza Heart’ campaign is launched with delicious heart-shaped pizzas packed in attractive red heart-shaped pizza boxes. It is available for order with just an easy click away from its website at or Pizza Hut App for delivery or takeaway throughout Malaysia in conjunction with this season of love.

To commemorate the launch, a limited-edition Pizza Heart delivery to Singapore and different states in Malaysia will also be made available to selected Malaysians who responded to a social post that will be launched onto Pizza Hut Malaysia Official Facebook page on 10th February 2021.

“During these unprecedented times, we are also sharing love and appreciation to our frontliners who are going above and beyond, selflessly nursing Malaysians back to health. They truly deserve all the ‘hearts’ in the world and we want to send them a piece of our heart, as we wish them all the love in their lives too”, she added.

With Pizza Hut’s ‘Turning Virtual into Real Pizza Heart’ campaign, we hope to make it easier for all Malaysians to express their love not just virtually online, but through physical love gestures that one can taste and hug, during this time in need.

It is really that easy to send some love. From just one-click-order at or Pizza Hut App, the Pizza Heart can now be ordered and delivered physically in a safe manner to your loved ones in this season of love.


CLIENT: Pizza Hut Malaysia

AGENCY: Fishermen Integrated

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