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Campaign Spotlight: Vans jump out of the screen in a personal new campaign

COSTA MESA, USA — Award-winning music company DaHouse Audio and Vans have teamed up to promote the launch of their latest Vans Sk8-Hi and Vans Sentry shoes with a series of short films.

The female-led campaign was led by DaHouse’s EP Larissa Miranda and composed by creative producer and singer Monique Maion, in collaboration with lyricist Iris Furazo. The team at DaHouse worked on 10×15” films for the American shoe brand, creating bespoke music compositions.


Taking inspiration from the recordings of an answering machine and aiming to bring more intimacy and closeness to the characters, the original cast was recorded, and their voice-overs were used in the spots. To further aid the narrative, DaHouse focused on marking the moments when titles appeared onscreen. The music company used synths and lo-fi textures to give the songs subtle and modern aspects, leaving the fundamental importance to the voice-over in the mix.


To direct attention towards the latest Sk8-Hi and Sentry footwear, the films are intentionally kept very agile and dynamic, whereas the music is light and slow. The fast-paced tempo juxtaposes the subtle music, and further shines a light on the characters’ interactions.

Creating more than just a soundtrack and adding to the originality of the campaign, DaHouse composed complete songs that will also be released on different streaming channels.

The full tracks released with the campaign carry Iris’ powerful lyrics. The songs focus on the power to say no and confront one’s fears. The first song introduces Ellie (a no-gender character) and their feelings and internal voices, which are represented by an alligator who encourages them to break free and: “try to sing along, life ain’t no perfect song, learn how to say: no, no!”

The campaign launches this week on Vans’ digital and social channels – Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. It will also be available on Pinterest next week, as follows: Feb 10, 2022 @VANSGIRLS IG+TW & @VANS, Feb 11, 2022 @VANS TW+IGStories+FB, Feb 28, 2022 @VANS IG+FB

Lucas Mayer, Co-founder of DaHouse, comments: “It was great working with Vans and on this project. The process of creating something from scratch was amazing and good teamwork is so important. We received great feedback, and that really made the difference. Interestingly, we initially planned on composing only one song for the campaign; however, we ended up presenting three different options to the client. Eventually, they loved them and bought two songs.”


Larissa Miranda – Executive Producer
Monique Maion – Composer, Singer & Creative Producer
Iris Fuzaro – Composer & Lyricist
Wonder Bettin – Sound Designer
Cassiano Derenji – Account Manager
Lucas Mayer – Creative Director

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