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Campaign Spotlight: Virtual Shibuya showcases a glimpse of travel in the new normal

TOKYO, JAPAN — Shibuya, an energetic commercial and business district where the latest popular trends get their start, showcases a city in the era of the new and better normal with its official streaming platform Virtual Shibuya.

Virtual Shibuya serves as a platform where the evolution of culture in the new normal is showcased online. It allows people to communicate and experience various events as if they were actually in town.

With this “Digital Twin” function, Shibuya continues to provide sustained activities and keep the interest in Japanese culture and Japan travel going, despite and through the pandemic. 


The opening event called “#Shibuya Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Night by au 5G” brought over 50,000 people together at the stage right in front of the famous Shibuya intersection. Participants were free from social distancing and enjoyed interactions. The responses shows the potential of its on-going project, 393 media pick up with US $3.5 million value of media exposures which includes various TV shows, 53,530 twitter posts, and 71 million impressions.

Ichiro Ota, CEO of Geometry Ogilvy Japan, which leads plannings and production of the project, It was not an easy task to revisit our plan with various experience based content which let people immerse themselves on site but come up with ideas which brings prominent excitements  in their home environment. It was a natural decision that Shibuya takes the helm of acceleration of Digital Twin of the city looking ahead the era of new normal. Shibuya has a role to play as a home of culture and entertainment heritage. In the era of new normal, where unpredictable changes continue to occur, companies and brands are required to offer greater flexibility and speed, and new value provision that meet changing needs of consumers. We continue to thrive to adopt the demands of our clients with modern and precise communication planning.”

To view the Virtual Shibuya showcase film, visit: https://youtu.be/QhR4jw4IMQA

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