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Campaign Spotlight: VMLY&R India’s International Men’s Day spot for Parachute Advansed Men says the perfect man is the good man

MUMBAI, INDIA– For International Men’s Day, VMLY&R India conceptualized and executed a campaign for hair grooming brand Parachute Advansed Men that puts the spotlight on men who look good while doing good.

Parachute Advansed Men wanted to make a statement on International Men’s Day, and in a year when grooming has taken a back seat with lockdowns affecting the whole country, the path was clear – we had to look beyond traditional notions and narratives of looking good, and delve deeper.


Fortunately, the worst of times seem to have brought out the best in our men. They have upped their partnering game, and are working for home, even while working from home.

They’ve been helping out in the kitchen and in the living room, with the laundry and in the nursery. And there is nothing better than a man who is caring and is willing to step up and do his bit at home and for his partner.

Conceptualised and executed by VMLY&R, Parachute Advansed Men’s film is a celebration of this new found ‘goodness’ in men that redefines what looking good is all about. And what better message for a men’s hair care brand to put out on International Men’s Day.

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