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Campaign Spotlight: Want to sit all day long? Publicis Italy wants you to apply for the Diesel Chair Executive Officer position

MILAN – Choosing a CEO is serious stuff. It takes skill, responsibility and a lot of knowledge.

The Diesel CEO’s chair is empty at the moment. Until the official successor takes on the role, the company is searching for someone to temporarily occupy it: a Chair Executive Officer. With such a short amount of time available, there’s only one skill that anyone interested in the role must possess: to be ridiculously good at sitting in a chair.

That’s why Renzo Rosso, Diesel’s founder, asked people to showcase their best sitting technique on the brand’s Facebook page.


Starting from 5th October, people were able to showcase their sitting skills for 4 days by commenting with photos or videos on the post that launches the initiative.

The new Chair Executive Officer then flew to Italy, straight to Diesel headquarters, where he or she sat on the brand’s most important chair for an entire week.

This project was made by our agency: Publicis Italy.

Keep calm and stay seated.



Client: Diesel
Chief Marketing Officer: Dario Gargiulo
Creative Director: Nicola Formichetti
Global Head of Advertising, Media & Product Marketing: Giada Gheno             
Head of ADV and E-comm Production: Deborah Salbego
Project Leader: Theodoros Mallas

Agency: Publicis Italy
Global Chief Creative Director Publicis WW and CEO Publicis Italy: Bruno Bertelli
Executive Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Global Digital Creative Directors: Milos Obradovic, Mihnea Gheorghiu
Creative Supervisor: Costanza Rossi
Art Director: Andrea Raia, Cecilia Moro
Copywriter: Matteo Gatto, Sara Rosset
Account Team: Barbara Pusca, Camilla Poli, Giuseppe Esposito
Agency Producers: Isabella Guazzone, Silvia Cattaneo
Project Manager: Vittorio Cafiero
Social Media Manager: Doina Tatu

Production Company: Bedeschi Film
Director: Tommaso Pitta
Executive Producer: Federico Salvi
Producer: Diana Passoni

Editor: Fabrizio Squeo

Post production: Bedeschi Film
Stylist: Anna Quacquarelli, Chiara Luna Mauri

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