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Campaign Spotlight: We-commerce, the idea that helped small Chilean businesses in the midst of the local social crisis and part of the pandemic

SANTIAGO, CHILE – The social outbreak registered in Chile at the end of 2019 had a great impact on the central and commercial sectors of the country’s main cities, where demonstrations prevented small businesses from working normally, leaving them on the verge of bankruptcy.

In this context, McCann Santiago and Entel, the main local telco, carried out an initiative called “We-commerce” for their Business division with the aim that the flow of customers at their sales rooms came to the rescue of the entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs affected. How? Using the screens of the cell phones on display, which made possible to have 3 thousand promotional platforms where e-commerce catalogs or forms of contact with the stores near the branches and that needed demand were implemented.


The idea was developed throughout Chile, taking advantage of the fact that the brand has an important presence with more than 120 stores, thus the small business reached 3 million people, which was even an important help during the start of the pandemic in 2020.

José Ignacio Solari, CCO of the agency, stated that “this work makes us proud, not only because it allowed the brand to earn a meaningful role in people’s lives at a very sensitive time, but it also allowed us to offer concrete support to thousands of small and medium-sized premises that were at risk. In this way, Entel differentiated itself with an unprecedented action, being at the service of its clients and other businesses that were not its clients. With the We-commerce concept we build an idea of community, collaborative and empathetic.”


CCO: José Ignacio Solari
Creative Director: Aldo Pennacchiotti
Art Director: Dante Bravo
Copywriter: Rodrigo Pérez
Copywriter: Daniela Cabezas
Art Director: Joel Pinda
Account Supervisor: Rosalin Torres
Director: Manu Migone

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