Campaign Spotlight: Women Change The World, Nike’s “Dream Further” by Wieden + Kennedy Celebrate All Women’s World Cup Wins


The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup has officially come to a close with a slur of events taking place throughout the tournament such as a player mimicking tea which caused an uproar. The amount of support for the women’s matches from football enthusiasts kicked off at an all-time high, and finally ending with team USA winning against New Zealand, their 4th Women’s World Cup title in a row.

To celebrate the success of this year’s event, let’s look back at Wieden + Kennedy’s remarkable “Dream Further” film feature for Nike which was created to complement the summer tournament in France. In this latest ad, Makena Cook, a 10-year old soccer player, is taken by the hand and brought around by famous female football players throughout games, scoring goals, photoshoots, and even coaching the Barcelona men’s team. The video then closes with a hard-hitting quote which encourages girls of all ages, “Don’t change your dream. Change the world.” 

As the vast majority of the sports industry and its fans revolve their attention to male players, the latest installment to Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign scored a goal just before the Women’s World Cup even began. It is a nod to all the girls out there who have dreams that may not be as easy to achieve. The film encourages them to change the world, and most importantly, to just do it.

Wieden + Kennedy has truly outdone themselves as the agency behind the conversations and engagements created from Nike’s campaign. Garnering a cumulative amount of 323,000 shares and likes from the 20.5 million viewers of the film feature, they have successfully made noise around female athletes and their victories in the sports industry.


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