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Campaign Spotlight: Don Papa discos into 2022 with new cocktail lifestyle campaign

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Don Papa Rum, the premium single island rum from the Philippines, has unveiled its latest global lifestyle cocktail campaign, celebrating glamourous, louche nights and the sparkling glow of a season filled with joyous abandon and anticipation. ‘Manila Disco’ is the latest installment in the ‘Seasons of Sugarlandia’ photo and cocktail series.

Shot at the famous Dawnridge House in Beverly Hills, this new year, ‘Manila Disco’ is taking inspiration from the decadent modern playground of dance and drinks amidst a glimmering oasis that is Manila’s answer to Studio 54 – the wildly eccentric and gritty Coco Banana nightclub.

The campaign debuts four new Don Papa cocktails, created by Aaron Goodall, the brand’s Manila-based Cocktail Maestro: Coco Sour – a refreshingly tart and tropical start to the night at Manila Disco; Manila Kiss – a bright and floral twist on the classic Cosmopolitan; Chocolate Wonderland – a layered, richly complex punch, packed full of flavours from the East and West; and Malate Martini – Don Papa’s twist on the now-iconic Pornstar Martini.

The ‘Manila Disco’ series of pictures, shot by acclaimed Philippine-based photographer Shaira Luna, has been unveiled on Don Papa’s Facebook and Instagram.

Enjoy these delectable cocktails at Run Rabbit Run until March 31, 2022.


  • Coco Sour – Refreshingly tart, the Coco Sour pairs the rich notes of Don Papa Rum with the spiced pimento dram, bright notes of grapefruit juice and lemon, and adds a tropical twist with a coconut syrup.
  • Manila Kiss – Don Papa Rum, Dragon fruit syrup, lemon juice, and rose lemonade, layered gently to create a marvellous gradient for this bright pink number.
  • Chocolate Wonderland – Don Papa Rum, red wine, cognac, cacao, dried apricots, star anise, and salt & pepper infuse overnight to create a holiday-inspired cocktail. Lengthen with hot water to warm you on a cold night, or stir up on the rocks for a spirit- forward hit; the Chocolate Wonderland delivers an air of mystery, sophistication, and the rich flavours of Don Papa Rum.
  • Malate Martini – Replacing the traditional vanilla vodka with Don Papa Rum, along with pineapple juice, passionfruit syrup, lemon juice, and egg white, this cocktail bridges the world of the classic Piña Colada with the recently the Pornstar Martini. Served in a large coupe, and topped with a splash of Prosecco, this cocktail is the hero serve of the Manila Disco.

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