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Check your hearing with Deaf Thai Foundation and Cj Worx’s accessible testing initiative

BANGKOK, THAILAND — With 2.7 million Thais facing a growing risk of hearing loss, not just the elderly but also the younger generation, it’s expected that 1 out of every 10 Thai people will be at risk of losing their hearing without realizing it in the future.

On World Hearing Day, the Deaf Thai Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to supporting the hearing-impaired, raised awareness about hearing loss among Thai people through a new initiative: making hearing check-ups more accessible to everyone through “The Ordinary Life Hearing Test.”

By simply living your life, you can now check your hearing. Creative agency CJ WORX collaborated with famous Thai content creators, such as Salmon Podcast, Main Stand, What the duck, Believe, TNN News, to transform their videos into specifically designed content for checking hearing loss within the 2,000 to 4,000 Hz. frequency range, which most people commonly experience hearing loss. This includes podcasts, music, news, and various other content.


If you’re experiencing difficulties with auditory processing or have trouble understanding sounds within this range, it could indicate a risk of hearing loss. The foundation encourages everyone to get additional hearing assessments at nearby hospitals before it’s too late. Early hearing loss detection can help to reduce the risk of permanent damage.



Creative Chairman & Founder: Saharath Sawadatikom

Creative Director: Saharath Sawadatikom, Vuttichai Chongsanguan,   Chalotorn Nuanthong

Copywriter: Vuttichai Chongsanguan, Phanisa Wangsuk

Art Director: Chalotorn Nuanthong, Umavadee Vitayapradit, Saharath Sawadatikom

Agency Producer: Saralrat Chalermsripinyorach

Managing Director: Chawana Keeratiyutamonkul

Senior Account Director: Pattaranun Deesonthichot


Senior Media Buyer Manager: Kanokkorn Inthasaro

Senior Media Buyer: Prinya Sinhaseni 


Sound Production: Mellow Tunes

Sound Designer: Artit Vongmetta

Music Director: Siwat Homkham

Sound Producer: Krittiya Keamarojanavong

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