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Chimp&z unveils new look for The Kind Citizen, solidifies message of collaboration for social impact

MUMBAI, INDIA — Mumbai-headquartered digital marketing agency Chimp&z has lent its creative expertise to a rebranding initiative for non-profit organization The Kind Citizen (TKC). As part of this one-time collaboration, Chimp&z has redesigned TKC’s logo and provided essential brand guidelines, reinforcing the agency’s commitment to social responsibility and supporting initiatives that drive positive change. These tailored brand guidelines ensure TKC’s alignment with the ever-evolving digital landscape and guarantee an impactful and resonant presence, fostering an organization’s consistent and compelling brand identity. 

The Kind Citizen (TKC) is an organization that is transforming the landscape of social impact by seamlessly connecting NGOs, corporations, and humans for collaborative efforts. The essence of the brand is built on the principles of kindness, connection, and positive change, which are reflected in the new logo created by the agency.

Moreover, non-profits can post opportunities on TKC’s platform, specifying the needed skills, time commitments, timelines, and a minimal, optional volunteer stipend. Corporations facing challenges in aligning with the right NGOs for their CSR goals benefit from TKC’s curated volunteering options, with end-to-end management provided by the platform. Volunteers, often constrained by the demands of full-time jobs, find flexibility and purpose through TKC’s offerings, complete with e-certifications and tailor-made profiles. Chimp&z’s recent creative contribution further amplifies TKC’s reach, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to creating a harmonious ecosystem for collective progress.  

Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO and Co-founder of Chimp&z Inc

Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO and Co-founder of Chimp&z, expressed, “When we first spoke to Dolly Aswani, we knew we needed to create a logo that needed to have a ‘lot of heart’ in it. Dolly’s compassion and enthusiasm for giving back to the community have been reflected upon when we were creating the branding for the same. Team Chimp&z loved working on this project as it wasn’t just another branding project; it reflected our dedication to supporting initiatives that make a difference. By enhancing TKC’s brand, we aim to contribute to their mission of fostering impactful collaborations and positive change in the community.” 

Dolly Aswani, Founder of The Kind Citizen (centre) with Mata Samiti members from tribal communities of Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Dolly Aswani, Founder of The Kind Citizen, commented, “TKC’s first interaction with Chimp&z’s team was the perfect combination of compassion with professionalism. In all our conversations with the team involving Angad, Vishakha, Modini, and Sean, we felt the team wanted to capture TKC’s true essence in the new logo and branding. The newly crafted brand guidelines enhance our digital presence and strategically position the organization for better connectivity with its audience. TKC’s refreshed logo and branding now embody our mission, uniting the three pillars with kindness at the core, fostering connections, and amplifying the impact of our community-driven initiatives. Together, we built a positive force for change with like-minded individuals and corporations.” 

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