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Coca-Cola launches Foodmarks in the Philippines to honor Filipino food culture

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Coca-Cola has been an integral part of iconic Pinoy food and cultural moments for generations. From the favorite kare-kare during family reunions to inihaw by the beach, and from hanging out with friends to celebrating fiestas across the Philippines, Coca-Cola has always been there. Building on this storied legacy, Coca-Cola has proudly unveiled Foodmarks in the Philippines, an innovative campaign that debuted globally on February 16 that puts a spotlight on unique “food landmarks” that define our vibrant Filipino culture, all perfectly paired with the real magic of Coca-Cola.

“Meals represent the most significant occasion for Coca-Cola in the ASEAN and South Pacific region. Foodmarks go beyond the simple act of dining; they represent the collective joy and exploration of hidden culinary gems within the dynamic, bustling food scenes. We’re celebrating the humble, unassuming yet iconic eateries with rich histories that remain untold — a deviation from those frequently highlighted in pop culture,” shared Teejae Sonza, Senior Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Trademark for ASEAN and South Pacific

Foodmarks are more than mere locations; they’re epicenters where captivating stories are revealed and cultural legacies are preserved. “Our iconic restaurants in the ASEAN and South Pacific, especially here in the Philippines, are not just structures — they’re the pulsating hearts of neighborhoods, brimming with narratives eager to be discovered. They promise a sensory voyage, inviting Gen Zs and millennials alike to discover new destinations for exceptional dining experiences, all while enjoying the classic flavor of a chilled Coca-Cola,” Teejae elaborated. 


The immersive Coca-Cola Foodmarks experience in the Philippines will begin in the world’s oldest Chinatown: Binondo, Manila, showcasing the rich food culture that blends traditional Chinese cuisines with Filipino flavors. As a culinary haven, it boasts an array of food stalls, markets, and restaurants rich in stories passed from one generation to another and family recipes – from house dumplings to dim sum to hand-pulled noodles, and even our favorite merienda, hopia — all equally enjoyed and best paired with Coca-Cola. 

From Binondo, Foodmarks will stretch all over the Philippines, making the Foodmarks experience more diversified and equally enjoyed by Filipino lovers of food and Coca-Cola. 

“Every food landmark that came to be has a rich history behind it. In the Philippines, the love for food is deeply ingrained in local culture and is something that bonds Filipinos together, no matter the age, and no matter where each one is from within the archipelago. Complementing this is the common, unmissable habit of pairing savory dish favorites with ice-cold Coca-Cola — a match from which so many delicious stories, now cherished establishments, have come out of. This gave birth to Coca-Cola Foodmarks, where our goal is to continue bringing Filipinos together for that experience of real magic brought about by the recipe of remarkable food, crisp Coke, and the company of your loved ones,” said Mark Dee, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Philippines.

Globally, the campaign will come to life through a partnership with Time Out, with an interactive map guiding food enthusiasts to these newly minted landmarks. The Philippines-specific map can be viewed here

Foodmarks is a continuation of last year’s “A Recipe for Magic” campaign, a celebration of the enchantment found in shared meals and the profound human connections forged when gathered around food. These moments materialize into Foodmarks, physical destinations that encapsulate the collective magic and bonds that form at the table.

In addition to launching Foodmarks around the globe, this year’s “A Recipe for Magic” meals platform will include “Real Recipes,” which highlights the reality that Foodmarks are created every day in homes across the world. In collaboration with renowned filmmaker Vincent Haycock, Coca-Cola will curate authentic snapshots of individuals who’ve crafted a Recipe for Magic, turning these real-life moments into short films.

For more information, recipe inspiration, and additional campaign content, visit here.

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