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Creative Cracker’s 15-second Keratinplus ad with Maja Salvador becomes internet sensation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — An unknown agency rarely gets to crack a campaign that trends organically. Creative Cracker, the ad agency responsible for conceptualizing the latest KERATINplus commercial featuring Maja Salvador, has caught consumers’ attention with this viral ad even though it is just 15 seconds long.

The ad shows Maja using her hand to confidently comb her straight, soft, and shiny hair to showcase the main benefits of KERATINplus. But what seems to be just another glam and glossy hair advertisement turns into a real and down-to-earth “outtake.” Maja breaks her acting on each take by repeating certain words in a high tone. This Filipino verbal behavior has caught on in day-to-day conversations. From online to out-of-home materials, ads have been a topic of discussion on social media. Everyone, including celebrities, has been engaging in comments; content creators have been posting about it; and netizens have been creating memes (some even calling it “The Meme of 2024” and describing it as “Photo You Can Hear”).

More than the hype, the brand KERATINplus has been benefiting from being noticed and tried by more people (as it should be) since long-time product users are now proudly speaking up about their beloved hair treatment product. And even after a couple of weeks since the video was posted, people still often catch themselves infected with the mannerism subconsciously… SUBCONCIOUSLY?!?



Client: KERATINplus
Agency: Creative Cracker
Copy: Gail Riofrio and Caryl Son
Art: Guada Mariano and Andrea de Juan
Accounts: Vanessa Lopez, Account Manager

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