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Dive into Don Papa’s world of Sugarlandia in its new animation video

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Don Papa Rum, the Philippine premium single island rum, recently commemorated its 10 years in the market with a release of a new animation video called Sugarlandia is Calling. The animation, done in Hedcut style, takes viewers inside the label of Don Papa and into the wonderful world of Sugarlandia, showing a glimpse of this fantasy world, the land between the cane.   

To launch this video, Don Papa Rum invited friends and family to a private dinner in Xception, Makati. What is normally a lifestyle shop and gallery was transformed into the world of Sugarlandia. Vegetation overran the store while Sugarlandia creatures danced in the room, offering Don Papa cocktails to guests. Heading the dinner are two renowned chefs, Cyrus Todiwala of Café Spice Namaste and Patrick Go of Your Local. The menu melded Philippine and Negrense flavours from Chef Patrick together with the Asian and international touches from Chef Cyrus, showcasing where the brand came from as well as how far its reach has gone all over the world. 


The dinner also debuts a new Don Papa cocktail, called the Sampinit Sour, created by Aaron Goodall, the brand’s Manila-based Cocktail Maestro. When we think of Philippine fruits, we often think of mangoes, calamansi, coconuts, and other tropical fruits. But a lesser-known seasonal berry is also found here; the sampinit, a Philippine wild raspberry. Much like the hidden nature of the Sugarlandia is Calling video, the Sampinit Sour highlights a flavour not often thought of when thinking about the Philippines, and together with Don Papa Rum creates a refreshingly crisp cocktail, perfect for a summer’s eve.

Don Papa Rum has come far, from a local brand launched in the Philippines 10 years ago, to now a well-loved premium rum present in more than 30 countries. Be on the lookout for what Don Papa Rum has in store this 2023.

Experience Sugarlandia yourself by grabbing a bottle of Don Papa Rum in any of their partner retailers: S&R, Kultura, Ralph’s Wines & Spirits, Landmark,, and more. 


50ml Don Papa 7
25ml Lemon Juice
10ml Simple Syrup
10ml Crème de Framboise or Homemade Sampinit Syrup
3 Sprigs of Fresh Mint
3 Fresh Raspberries or Sampinit Berries   

Method: Add lemon juice, simple syrup, crème de framboise or sampinit syrup, 2 sprigs of mint and 2 raspberries or sampinit berries in a cocktail shaker, gently muddle to combine flavours. Add Don Papa 7 and 3-4 ice cubes. Gently shake for 10-15 seconds. Pour into banana leaf-wrapped rocks glass, and top with crushed ice. Garnish with an orchid, mint sprig, fresh raspberry, and paper straw. 

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