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Dr. Shiba partners with actress Liza ‘Hope’ Soberano to champion pet wellness

MANILA, PHILIPPINES Holistic pet wellness brand Dr. Shiba has partnered with celebrated actress and pet advocate Liza “Hope” Soberano as its newest brand ambassador. 

The heart of this collaboration is shown in the recently released film, which beautifully shows the real-life bond between Hope and her dog, Yuna. Through a love letter that Hope wrote herself, she shares her true commitment to Yuna’s well-being, echoing Dr. Shiba’s mission to provide pets with the best care possible.

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“You bring joy and light into my life by just being you,” Hope shared in her letter to Yuna. “I promise to keep you safe. I promise to do everything I can to make sure you live the longest, happiest, and healthiest life possible.” 

Hope shared more about her experience with Dr. Shiba, “Long before we talked about partnering, friends introduced me to Dr. Shiba, and I was immediately taken with the exceptional quality of their products. After seeing the positive impact on Yuna and consulting with our vet, Dr. Shiba became the go-to care for Yuna. I knew I could put my trust in the brand, and working with them on this collaboration was just a natural fit, especially since I had been wanting to do a project with Yuna for a long time.”

“Choosing Hope as Dr. Shiba’s ambassador was a decision deeply rooted in shared values and genuine care for pet wellness,” commented Philipp “Phil” Renner, CEO of Dr. Shiba. “Hope’s dedication to Yuna’s health and happiness reflects the authenticity and quality we strive for in everything we do in Dr. Shiba. It’s her real connection and commitment to pet welfare that we believe will inspire other pet owners to join us in making a positive difference in the lives of pets.”

Dr. Shiba sets itself apart with its scientifically formulated, all-natural functional supplement dog treats developed using state-of-the-art technology and created by veterinary experts. The brand’s extensive product lineup targets various health areas such as gut and stomach health, immunity, skin and coat vitality, and joint support. To extend its high-quality care to feline friends, Dr. Shiba has also recently introduced the Prof. Bengal line, ensuring cats receive the same meticulous attention to wellness.

“Introducing the Prof. Bengal line is our way of recognizing that cats, just like dogs, deserve the very best in healthcare. With Prof. Bengal, we’re bringing our expertise and passion for pets into the feline world, making sure cat owners have access to the same high-standard functional supplement treats we’ve been proud to offer dog parents,” shared Phil.

Among its standout offerings, Dr. Shiba’s “Happy Tummy” for digestive health, “Pro Immune” for immune support, and the newly launched “Peaceful Paws” for calming, highlight the brand’s broad range of solutions for various pet health needs. 

Dr. Shiba enhances its commitment to animal welfare by partnering with Pawssion Project, a leading animal rescue organization in the Philippines dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in need. This collaboration ensures that a portion of every purchase aids in the crucial rescue and rehabilitation efforts spearheaded by the Pawssion Project, highlighting their shared mission to improve the lives of animals.

Phil expressed, “Having Hope Soberano on board is truly special for us. Her relationship with Yuna represents the spirit of care and compassion we stand for at Dr. Shiba. We’re thrilled to work with her and to continue working with Pawssion Project as we create real, positive change for pets and their families everywhere.”

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