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Finnish chocolate brand Fazer harnesses its packaging to respect peace

HELSINKI, FINLAND — December 06 marked the 105th Independence Day of Finland. The date also marked the first Independence Day when the peace acquired over a hundred years ago could not be taken for granted. In commemoration of this, Finnish chocolate brand Fazer emphasized the importance of peace with an execution that spoke for itself.

“The Dove of Peace” was created by brand house SEK for Fazer, and the campaign takes a stand for the good in the prevalent world situation. The peace, which once was a no-brainer to all Finns, is no longer self-evident. As one of the most distinguished brands in Finland, Fazer wanted to use its platform to speak out.

“This year has been like no other. We’ve had to think about the meaning of peace in a completely new way also in Finland. The 131-year-old Fazer has seen Finland become independent and the brand has been closely involved in Finland’s history with all its twists and turns. Thus it felt very natural to highlight the importance of peace during these times, and we are glad with how SEK’s execution came out,” said Fazer’s Vice President, Communications, Liisa Eerola.


The ad reflects an image of a dove of peace folded from the Fazer Blue Chocolate wrapper. The iconic blue packaging in the form of a dove sparked discussion on the cover of Finland’s biggest magazines, Helsingin Sanomat and Hufvudstadsbladet, while also turning heads on several outdoor surfaces in the streets of Helsinki.

Finns’ national treasure, Karl Fazer chocolate, symbolizes freedom.

This year, Fazer celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the beloved Finnish chocolate. A hundred years ago, the founder of Fazer chose the iconic blue color to represent independent Finland. Throughout the decades, the Fazer Blue chocolate has stolen a place from Finns’ hearts, making it a part of the nation’s identity. Combining Fazer Blue Chocolate’s slogan “Want good” (“Tahdo hyvää”) and the folded dove in the ad, the message stands loud and clear.

“When we are celebrating our independence, we are actually celebrating the peace we achieved from it. 100 years old chocolate brand Fazer Blue is not just chocolate, it’s our national treasure we love and share with our loved ones,” said SEK’s Senior Creative Adele Enersen.


Advertised brands: Fazer

Advert title: The Dove of Peace
Advertising Agency: SEK, part of GREY
Art Director: Joni Luhtala
Copywriter: Adele Enersen

Creative Director: Heli Roiha
Project Director: Julia Jämsen
Account Director: Meri Manner
3D Artist: Otso Reitala
Motion Producer: Salla Ryynänen
Communications Specialist: Julia Ruuskanen
Technical Designer: Jari Kinnunen
Additional credits: Liisa Eerola Vice Precident, Communications, Fazer & Linda Lukkarinen Marketing Manager,Fazer

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