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Abbé Pierre’s legacy transcends time in ‘The Heirs’ by Fred & Farid Paris

PARIS, FRANCE — Amidst a backdrop of soaring inflation and escalating energy prices in France, Fondation Abbé Pierre, a renowned French charitable organization dedicated to fighting homelessness, introduces its poignant winter awareness campaign, “The Heirs.” This campaign, a brainchild of creative powerhouse FRED & FARID Paris, coincides with the winter season and commemorates the 70th anniversary of the legendary humanitarian call to action by its founder, Abbé Pierre. A revered French Catholic priest and philanthropist, Abbé Pierre’s legacy is his unyielding fight against homelessness and his advocacy for the underprivileged.

The campaign’s cornerstone is a short film that embodies the principles Abbé Pierre staunchly defended. Directed by Valérie Donzelli, a visionary in the French film industry known for her spellbinding fusion of drama and fantasy, the film confronts the harsh realities of inadequate housing. Valérie, a César Awards nominee for Best Director and Best Actress for La Guerre est déclarée, is praised for her skill in interweaving poetic storytelling with grave societal issues.

The lead roles are portrayed by Vincent Rottiers and Marie Rivière,  esteemed actors who bring to life the often unseen struggles of inadequate housing. The story delves into the lives of Samuel, his daughter Lou, and their babysitter Malya, a student embattled by the harsh realities of life in substandard Parisian housing. Samuel’s journey to aid Malya, parallel to the story of a homeless woman whose life intersects with theirs, forms a rich tapestry of social reflection and a call for shared empathy.


The soundtrack of the campaign is graced by the music of Daniel Balavoine, a legendary figure in the French 1980’s music scene. His song “Tous les cris les SOS,” an anthem of lyrical profundity and humanitarian spirit, amplifies the campaign’s message of solidarity and mutual support.

Olivier Lefebvre, President and Executive Creative Director at FRED & FARID Paris, stated, “Our vision in crafting this campaign was to encapsulate the perpetual activism of Abbé Pierre. The artistic finesse of Valérie Donzelli combined with the stirring melodies of Daniel Balavoine creates a narrative that resonates deeply. At FRED & FARID, we are firm believers in the power of creativity as a tool for social change. This film is more than a campaign; it’s a tribute to community support and collective action.”


Agency : FRED & FARID Paris

Client : Fondation Abbé Pierre

Title of the ad: The Heirs 

Chief Creative Officers : Fred & Farid 

Executive creative director : Olivier Lefebvre

Copywriter : Grégory Tortes

Art Director : Thomas Martin-Lalande

Brand Supervisor : Yves Colin

Agency Supervisors : Julien Grimaldi, Eloise Latrobe

Agency Producer: Maud Whittle, Clémentine Pinsec Glaoui

Director: Valérie Donzelli

DOP : Irina Lubtchansky

Photographer : Yann Le Pape 

Production Company : Phantasm

Producer : Olivier Muller

Head of Production : Jean-Pierre Crapart

Post producer : Maxime Dabel 

Post-production (sound) company : Benzene

Post-production (image) company: Firm

Soundtrack : « TOUS LES CRIS LES SOS »

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