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From 50 to 100, joga and tonies surprise kids with an Easter chocolate challenge

PARIS, FRANCE — “100% COCOA, 100% OF THE STORY.” That’s the idea behind the Chocolate Challenge devised by joga for tonies, a fast-growing start-up popular among kids for its Toniebox, a speaker that plays audio content, (stories, music, educational lessons, etc.), and is activated when children place a Tonie figurine on its surface, with each character corresponding to different content.

To celebrate Easter, the agency invited children aged five to six to listen to a new tonies audio tale while eating chocolate and asked them what they preferred: chocolate or stories. Naturally, chocolate won in a unanimous vote. At least, initially…

Children were first presented with chocolate bars containing 50% cocoa, which they “had” to eat in order to hear the first half of the story. Continuing proved to be a little less sweet. Literally, they were given chocolates with increasingly higher cocoa content to eat to continue the story. And, after struggling through an intensely bitter 100% cocoa bar to reach the end, the tone turned. Listening to stories climbed in popularity in its contest against the inimitable sweet tooth, proving that some things are better off in small doses.


A three-minute video capturing the experiment is enchanting as it is funny and shows that children will do anything to discover an intriguing audio tale, even eat chocolate that would make an adult wince.

Antoine Defaye, Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder of joga, shared, “When you mix a great brand, an audio story, chocolate, and children, you don’t have to shake very hard to come up with a cute idea that makes everyone smile.”

It’s good to be a kid. And it’s good to be a grown-up who imagines campaigns for a brand that’s good for kids.


Client : Tonies

Emmanuelle Aissy: Brand Marketing Manager
Martin Simon: Head of Growth

Agency: joga

Olivier Lopez: President
Clément Audard: Strategy Director
Antoine Defaye: Executive creative director

Production: Cornelia

Jonathan Schupak: Director
Maxime Kathari: DOP
Thomas Duchêne: Executive producteur
Laurianne Métais: Executive producteur
Louise Gholam: 1st camera assistant
Lola Loubet: 2nde camera assistant
Clémence Warnier: Chief electrician
Marjolaine Balseva: Accessory maker
Maxime Graftiaux: Sound engineer
Eva-Lou Beausang: Stage Manager

Post-production: Orage

Lola Bellini: Co-founder & Post-production manager
Ella Dixon: Editer
Romain Livennais: Grader
Maxime Emeriau: Sound Mixer

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