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Grey London makes the most out of getting your hand stuck in a Pringles can

LONDON, UK — Pringles, an American brand of stackable potato-based chips, has launched a pan-European campaign that brings the theme of its hugely successful Super Bowl ads, featuring people getting their hands stuck in cans of the snack, to new markets for the first time.

In collaboration with creative agency Grey London, Pringles has created new work that will run in Northern and Southern Europe, working with iconic director Ulf Johansson of Smith & Jones, who brings his zany touch to the creative.

One 40-second spot is made for the “Apéro” markets of France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, positioning Pringles as a delicious snack to serve when with family or friends. In this spot, a woman gets her hand stuck in a can of Pringles as she’s preparing an early evening spread of charcuterie and snacks. After a brief moment of shock, she uses her initiative to become an even more wonderful host and turns her new appendage into a cocktail stirrer, ice crusher, guitar pick, and more.


Another 60-second ad, created for Northern European markets, features a young guy who ducks into a quiet room when he gets his hand stuck in a Pringles can at a party. Although embarrassed, he soon relaxes when he realizes the rest of the people in the room have done exactly the same thing.

The spot will run in markets including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, and Estonia. 

Another film that will run in the UK and Ireland is an adaptation of the original Pringles Super Bowl ad created in collaboration with Grey New York.

The campaign will run on TV, digital, social, and out-of-home platforms.

The executions are designed to show how Pringles can bring fun to any social occasion. They build on the hugely successful 2022 and 2023 Super Bowl ads created in collaboration with Grey New York, which were designed to reflect the irresistible nature of Pringles that releases your playful side. 

“In adapting the work for European markets, the idea is to showcase them in intrinsically European settings,” said David Wigglesworth, Executive Creative Director at Grey London

“Getting your hand stuck in a Pringles can equal bad. Getting your hand stuck in a Pringles can and using that newly acquired appendage to become the hostess with the mostest arm at an Apéro, or finding an in with the too-cool-for-school kids at a German house party? That, my friends, equals good! Huge thanks to the Pringles client team, who were a pleasure to work with, and to directing legend Ulf Johansson who brought everything to life with aplomb.”

Stéphanie Thys, European Marketing Director Pringles, said, “Following on from the success of Can Hands in North America, we worked with Grey London to create a suite of assets including three TV spots, digital, social, and out-of-home adverts. Can Hands continue to demonstrate that Pringles is an irresistible snack for any occasion? Pringles is a playful brand and that’s something we wanted to convey in this campaign. Working closely with Grey, we knew they understood what we wanted to achieve and together we brought our brand’s playful side to life through Can Hands. We think Pringles fans across Europe will be able to relate to this campaign and hopefully, it will give them a laugh!”


Executive Creative Director David Wigglesworth
Creative Director Jesse Little
Creative TeamsKatie Bird & Caitlin Horrex, Gnome Taylor, Flora German & Shivani Patel
Planning Partner Matthew Gladstone
Strategy Director Gilliam Caldwell-Dunn
Managing Partner Agi Varanyi
Group Business DirectorTamsine Foggin
Account DirectorsJack Barber, Alice Ashwell
Account ManagerHugo Soer
Account ExecutiveMadeleine Hine
Executive Producer Nazneen Read
Senior ProducersMichelle Kasper, Sam Dowling
Assistant ProducerAlicia Cordell
Production CompanySmith & Jones
Production Company Executive ProducerPhillipa Smith
DirectorUlf Johansson
D.O.P Barry Ackroyd
Production DesignSteve Smithwick
Post ProducersElla Sedgewick @Whitehouse PostAlexia Paterson @Framestore for Apero & Nights In Northern Europe

Annika Gustavsson @GPS Nights In (UK & ROI)
EditorSam Gunn @Whitehouse Post for Apero & Nights In Northern Europe
Tony Whetnall @GPS Nights In (UK & ROI)
ColouristJean-Clément Soret @Company 3 for Apero & Nights In Northern Europe
Matt Hare @GPS Nights In (UK & ROI)
VFX Artist: Paul O’Brien @Framestore for Apero & Nights In Northern Europe
Chris Winters, Ozgur Yigit & Matt Ingram @GPS Nights In (UK & ROI)
Composer: Julia Jonas / Sauvage / Heslop, Frieder Dose / Marvin Benjamin McMahon for Apero 

Frieder Does Marvin Benjamin McMahon for Nights In Northern Europe
Trevor Simpson @BMG Production Music Nights In (UK & ROI)
Music Supervisor: Macke Bergkvist @Music Supercircus for Apero & Nights In Northern Europe
Sound Engineer: Parv Thind @WAVE for Apero
Gritz @GPS for Nights In Northern Europe
Sam Cross @GPS for Nights In (UK & ROI)
Post Sound Producer: Beth Tomblin @Wave for Apero 
Richard Donaghue @GPS Nights In Northern Europe & Nights In (UK & ROI)

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