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HSBC charts a course for financial freedom with Hong Kong actress Louise Wong

SINGAPORE —  Banking and financial services organization HSBC has launched its new integrated marketing campaign that inspires people to envision the exciting wealth creation possibilities in their future and plan for a comfortable retirement today. The campaign features the award-winning and sophisticated Hong Kong actress, Louise Wong, a young mother and a real-life HSBC Premier customer, making her the perfect fit for the campaign.

In today’s investment landscape, investors have a vast array of investment options and access to financial data at their fingertips. However, instead of making them feel empowered and excited to invest, the deluge of information and options can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. This results in an adverse effect, causing investors to not do enough to grow their money and leaving them unable to build the funds they would need for their future.    

The new campaign includes a film that illustrates HSBC’s effectiveness in alleviating the stresses and complexities of investing with personalized wealth solutions through a fusion of advanced technologies and wealth expertise. As a result, empowered clients like Louise can confidently manage their own wealth to create the future they want with their loved ones.


The film was created in partnership with Wunderman Thompson Singapore, Omnicom Media Group (OMG), and award-winning commercial director, Eric Will. An expert in advanced CGI production techniques and visual effects, Eric’s unique treatment elevates the film with imaginative yet realistic landscapes, from the future city she envisions to live in to the places she would explore with her family to give viewers an inspiring glimpse into the possibilities in Louise’s wealth future.    

The integrated marketing campaign will run across cinema, out-of-home billboards, digital, print, social channels, and even in-flight screens to motivate people to start creating wealth for their future.   

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