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HSBC Credit Card teams up with Wunderman Thompson to elevate rewards to new heights

SINGAPORE — HSBC Credit Card and Wunderman Thompson have unveiled the first-of-its-kind RewardCash Red Hot Auction. With over 300 participants, this unique event is part of an experience-led campaign that includes exclusive offerings such as a tailor-made trip to Paris, a superior OMAKASE dining experience in Tokyo, and a private session with world-class professional snooker player, Marco Fu. These exclusive experiences are curated based on data insights, including Google Trends.

This groundbreaking endeavor aligns with HSBC Credit Card’s annual Red Hot Festival, a celebrated event in the local banking industry for the past decade. As a leading player in the credit card market, HSBC is shifting from routine tactical promotions to exploring fresh, exciting avenues. The goal: to elevate rewards to new heights this summer, creating a compelling incentive for customers to earn RewardCash.

The atmosphere on that unforgettable auction night was unbelievably intense, with participants submitting a remarkable total of 942 bids! The item that stole the spotlight and garnered the most attention was “Item 003 – Bespoke Voyage Through Germany” valued at HK$200,000. Eventually, this sought-after item was sold for an impressive $53,000 RewardCash.


What made this event even more remarkable was the fact that all the winners managed to secure their valuable items by spending approximately $200,000 RewardCash, even though the total worth of the items exceeded HK$940,000. This event truly exemplified the unmatched value of RewardCash, pushing the boundaries of what credit card rewards can offer. 

The esteemed hosts, emcee Ah Jeng and star guest Jan Lamb, steered the event with unwavering enthusiasm and charisma, captivating all attendees. Also, during the event, the interaction with participants from a live voting system for the most popular auction item to a series of engaging games transformed the traditionally formal auction into a fun and exciting event. Adding to the excitement, Marco Fu surprised everyone with a special greeting video, further intensifying the evening’s atmosphere.

The event symbolizes the pinnacle of rewarding experiences provided by HSBC Credit Card. It not only showcased the extraordinary achievement of HSBC Credit Card but also elevated the RewardCash benefits to an unprecedented level. HSBC Credit Card is proud to have delivered a uniquely rewarding summer like no other.

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