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Jollibee launches new spot on JolliSavers as the ultimate ‘sulit sarap’ meal

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – With more people becoming price-conscious, they tend to be wary of how worthwhile a product or experience is. Prices are higher than they were years ago, which makes people naturally more hesitant about spending on a fancy restaurant or a trendy fitness class without being certain of what they get in return.

Luckily, there are some things that will definitely, consistently, give you a bang for your buck. Through a fun new video ad, fast food giant Jollibee reminds us that with JolliSavers, you are guaranteed to get the deliciousness that you want and the value you need.

“Time is also a valuable currency. Aside from getting your money’s worth, you also save a lot of time by choosing JolliSavers,” the Jollibee team stated. “No more guessing how good something will be, and no more regrets if it doesn’t meet your expectations. JolliSavers are Jollibee’s bestsellers at affordable prices, so you can be sure na sulit-sarap!”


JolliSavers include the langhap-sarap Yumbuger (PHP 40), the crispy and savory Tuna Pie (PHP 49), the sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti (PHP 59), and the beefy-saucy one-piece Burger Steak (PHP 59).

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