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Karl Fazer uses its distinctive blue to snag a front-page minimalistic ad

HELSINKI, FINLAND — Karl Fazer’s blue color has been a promise of quality and deliciousness over a century. The print ad created by brand house SEK for Karl Fazer, and published on Finland’s biggest newspaper. Every Finn can relate to the blue moment, and it is something Karl Fazer truly represents.

Very few brands globally can successfully run an ad without a product or logo. Luckily, Karl Fazer has an iconic position in Finland; it is part of Finns’ identity. Despite the printed name being “Karl Fazer,” all Finns affectionately know it as “Fazer Blue” due to its iconic blue wrapping. “In Finland, the color blue holds deep cultural significance, and nowadays it is a synonym for our heritage chocolate. That’s why we can remind people about the delicious chocolate by just showing the color,” Adele Enersen, SEK Senior Creative, explained the insight behind the execution.

Fazer Founder Karl Fazer chose the brand’s iconic blue color to represent independent Finland. The chocolate brand made history in 2001 being Finland’s first brand to secure a color trademark – Pantone C 280.


Karl Fazer is taking over Finland’s “Blue Season”

In Finland, there are only two seasons: summer and the blue moment. The blue moment arrives when the dark period lengthens, and Finland wraps itself in the soft dark blue time of the polar night. The Blue season is the perfect time for cozying up at home.

“Karl Fazer lives and breathes kindness, self-compassion and tranquility. Thus, we started the Blue Moment, a season that celebrates recharging. By combining the iconic blue color and Fazer’s slogan ‘Share a blue moment. / Jaa Sininen Hetki.’ in the ad, the message for Finns a day before the Independence Day is loud and clear. This time is devoted to resting and sharing a blue moment together with loved ones,” stated Linda Lukkarinen, Karl Fazer Senior Marketing Manager.

The Blue season aligns perfectly with Finns’ Independence Day activities. As weird it may sound, for most Finns the highlight of the Independence Day is staying home and watching the Presidential Independence Day Reception from TV. Hopefully doing so while sharing a blue moment.

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