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KitKat gives the environment a break in sustainability campaign by Wunderman Thompson

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — “Have a break. Have a KitKat.” This is probably one of the most recognizable taglines in the world, but for the chocolate brand’s latest campaign, it puts a spin on who the break is for. Now, KitKat isn’t just giving its customers a break; it’s giving the environment one too.

In its latest sustainability-focused initiative with Wunderman Thompson, KitKat is taking the steps to do its part for the environment with its new recyclable packaging. In fact, KitKat India has committed to the goal of changing all its packaging into recyclable ones by 2025. To bring more attention to its recyclability, the KitKat logo is replaced by a recycle sign on these packages too.


Aside from the packaging, KitKat has also installed benches made from recyclable plastic across India, particularly in youth hangout spots and colleges. Not only does this make good use of single-waste plastic, but it also perfectly encapsulates what KitKat is saying with its green campaign: breaks are good for both you and the environment. These “Break Zone” benches double as both a way to promote sustainability and as a space where people can come together and relax.


The benches were made in collaboration with Ricron Panels, the plastic waste recycling company that had won the Global Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize.

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