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La Chose and Škoda give fans the chance to turn their two-wheelers into a four-wheel test drive

PARIS – When it comes time to buy a new car you have all kinds of questions – how roomy is it? How comfortable? How does it handle? A visit to the lot and a quick test drive rarely answers them.

To answer this need, agency La Chose came up with a clever solution for car maker Škoda’s potential customers. One that encourages and rewards them for physical activity, reminds them of Škoda’s origins, and allows them to get a real feel for the auto company’s range of models. For a two week period interested buyers had the opportunity to earn a day-long test drive, giving them a real feel for the brand’s cars.


Škoda, a partner of the Tour de France for the past 13 years, is making an appeal to cyclists, giving them the chance to convert their kilometers pedaled into those behind the wheel. Participation is easy – amateurs and professionals alike signed up for free via the organization Cycling Heroes and, using the application Kilometer Converter, can prove they’ve earned their test drive. Škoda, which got its start producing bicycles over 30 years ago, has maintained strong links with the biking community, partnering with the Tour de France, the French Federation of Cyclisme, and sponsoring the Maillot Vert.

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