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Langhap-Sarap Jollibee Yum Burger TVC by Publicis JimenezBasic takes off from ‘80s classic

MANILA – Jollibee’s latest Yum Burger campaign just launched a special 60-second, made-for-digital video edit-up of its latest 30-second TV commercial that first aired on March 5, 2017. The 2017 TVC and digital video edit featuring two of the country’s hottest young stars, Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, are inspired by the iconic “Langhap Sarap” ad produced in the 1980s and given a millennial twist.

The 1980s material featured two foreign astronauts taken by surprise as Pinoys appear to be heading to Jollibee on the moon. They eventually join the Jollibee bandwagon and enjoy the Pinoy langhap-sarap experience themselves. On the other hand, the 2017 TVC remake shows Julia and Joshua coming from a themed party wearing matching astronaut costumes and heading to Jollibee to eat their favorite langhap-sarap Yum Burger.


Compared to the TVC remake, the 60-seconder video showcases more scenes and elements that mirror the hit 1980s campaign. These include the head shots of Julia and Joshua in outer-space headgear and the jeepney shot with the astronauts on frame.

The last frame in the digital video shows Joshua giving Julia a twirl, mirroring the astronaut’s twirl in the 1980s material.

The digital video also used a remix of the original jingle used in the 1980s ad. 

Adding to the video’s charm is the cameo appearance of Edcell Ched, the Jollibee cashier whose video went viral months ago, popular for her strong resemblance to actress Chloe Moretz.

Jollibee’s AVP for Marketing Kent Mariano said that the1980s remake is Jollibee’s way of joining the 2017 trend of bringing back the decade’s classic pop culture by reviving one of its best ad campaigns. The “Langhap-Sarap” campaign launched in 1983 was awarded the most effective ad campaign in the food category during the 9th Philippine Advertising Congress held in 1985.

“While the new commercial pays homage to the 1980s vintage ad, it also drives home the message that Jollibee’s langhap-sarap goodness is here to stay to captivate today’s millennial market. This is why the campaign chose Yum Burger endorsers who represent the generation of discerning, no-compromise young millennials who know what they want and won’t settle for anything less than the best,” Mariano said.

When it comes to choosing the best burger, Pinoy millennials also know how to make the best choice. For them, the best burgers can be determined from their aroma or smell – amoy or langhap in the vernacular.

Yum Burger’s patty is made with 100% pure beef seasoned to fit the discerning Pinoy palate. This patty na beefing-beefy ang lasa is responsible for the mouth-watering aroma that signals the start of a delicious, satisfying burger experience. Talagang langhap-sarap!

Jollibee’s advertising agency for the 2017 TVC campaign is Publicis Jimenez Basic, whose team is headed by its Managing Director Tats Cruz, Executive Creative Director Trixie Diyco, and Account Director Kahlil Robles.

Noteworthy, the classic “Langhap Sarap” ad, its TVC remake, as well as made-for-digital video edit have all been produced by Provill Production House. The current campaign’s team from Provill House includes Executive Producer Franny Ocampo, Director ER Alviz, Director of Photography Ber Cruz, Production Designer and Food Stylist Adelina Leung, and Production Manager Dats Pena.

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