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LAQO and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey’s metaverse museum pokes fun at outdated insurance practices

ZAGREB, CROATIA — The LAQO Metaverse Insurance Museum is the first of a kind in the world, located on the Decentraland metaverse platform. The visitors can go through the old-fashioned insurance experience, such as filling out endless forms or forever waiting in line at the counter for insurance officers to come back from lunch break. 

Nope, this is no joke, the museum really exists, but as a practical joke about the outdated and annoying insurance practices. The museum’s founder is LAQO by Croatia Insurance. In contrast to insurance practices displayed in this museum, LAQO is the first in Croatia to offer its clients 100% digital insurance services.      

“LAQO by Croatia Insurance is focused on the users and maximizing the value of digital technologies. We were the first to offer cryptocurrency payments. In the same vein, we also decided to be the first mover in the metaverse. Given a small metaverse user base, we resolved to use this platform, for the time being, as a prank to establish the LAQO brand as a digital innovation leader. We were also the first among the insurance brands in Europe to start using GPT for interactions with our clients,” said Ana Zovko, Director of the Digital Development Sector at Croatia Insurance, the LAQO brand owner.  


The idea for the museum came from creative agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, with Rezolut as technology partner. “To date we have witnessed a colorful array of brand activations in the metaverse. That’s why we came up with the prank idea, wanting to underline the benefits of the LAQO brand as well. This is only a museum for now, but with changing customer demands it might evolve into something bigger. Nevertheless, as far as I know, this is the very first insurance you can buy in the metaverse,” said Davor Bruketa, Creative Director at Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency

The first two floors of the museum show the users a “good time” whilst they fill out the forms and wait in line, while the top floor is the “gateway” to the LAQO webshop where in a jiffy the users can buy insurance completely digitally. Cryptocurrency payments are also available, as well as extra benefits such as a 20 percent CASCO discount with mandatory insurance. The webshop also offers an estimate of average CO2 emission savings as a result of website visits in the previous month.  

LAQO by Croatia Insurance is the first Croatian 100% digital insurance brand. The brand name was inspired by the Croatian word lako, which means easy. The brand has easygoing communication: two cute spiders, brand characters, hang out on the web all day long, and educate the public about the benefits of digital insurance. The LAQO spiders, Pavle and Pero, can also be found in the metaverse insurance museum. As of recently, Pavle is online on Whatsapp too, available for one-on-one chats powered by GPT technology. 

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