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Lustucru is the most French it’s ever been in new spot

PARIS, FRANCE — French grocery Lustucru, together with creative agency Artefact 3000, has launched a new campaign for Les Bonnes Pâtes Françaises, a line of 100% French pasta. The campaign film carries the message that “Made in France” is not only an origin but also a state of mind: libertarian and rebellious, daring everything for the better.

For this campaign, Lustucru steered away from some of its original ideas: tastings in Parisian grocery shops to convince consumers that its pasta is the best, a recycling workshop to show people how unique its 100% paper packaging is, and even a survey to determine if Italians preferred Linguine or Coquillettes.

This time, the brand chose to revive the irreverent, even slightly punk, but still contemporary, side of Lustucru, by imagining a campaign in Korean, German, and Spanish to pre-empt its Frenchness.


The brand said, “Because, would you have believed it, in a time when it is well seen to speak of made in France – sometimes rightly, sometimes less so – we can proclaim loud and clear that Lustucru pasta is 100% French and has been since 1911.”

The film will be complemented by a full 360-degree campaign (billboards, digital, social), including point-of-sale displays in foreign languages.

DUPER’s direction is complemented by Deepfake technology, which adapts the mouth movements of the lead actor to those of foreign actors who have dubbed the dialogue in other languages.

Sandrine Denoual, CMO at Lustucru, said, “During the agency review conducted in 2021, we were looking for a new breath of fresh air in our communication to convey not only our Francophonie, which has been anchored in our DNA since 1911, but also our modernity and our commitment to meeting the expectations of French consumers. Artefact 3000 offered us an original, daring, and funny way to move the lines. Our teams worked hand in hand for over a year to produce not only this incredible film but also this equally offbeat 360 campaign. There is no doubt that our good French Lustucru pasta, in its 100% paper bag, the only one of its kind in the grocery shop, will find its place in the hearts and plates of the French.” ​

Clémentine Aujay, Marketing & Communications Manager at Lustucru, said, “Our new range ‘Les Bonnes Pâtes Françaises’ meets the expectations of consumers: in addition to being gourmet and 100% French pasta, made with the best local ingredients, from our factory in Hauts-de-France, this new range is eco-responsible with its unique 100% paper packaging (zero plastic).”


Agency: Artefact 3000 ​
​Creative Director: Romain Pergeaux ​
​Copywriter: Julie Cointy ​
​Art Director: Margaux Ferrand ​
​Strategic Planners: Jean Allary / Clara Duval ​
​Artefact managers: François Brogi / Quentin Derviso / Marie Chapuis / Jonas Lévy Brand managers: Sandrine Denoual / Clémentine Aujay ​
​Director: DUPER ​
​Production: DeGaulle ​
​Sound: Yvonne

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