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Midea turns Icelandic winter into a Hawaiian Paradise

KLEIFARVATN, ICELAND — At the end of December 2023, Iceland, known for its icy landscapes and long, cold winters, witnessed something extraordinary – a tropical beach party, right amid its coldest season. But this was no ordinary feat; it was the result of Midea’s innovative home central air conditioning system, which brought the warm, sunny vibes of Hawaii to the snowy kingdom of Iceland.

The “Iceland Hawaii” project, located near Lake Kleifarvatn close to Iceland’s capital, boasted a fully enclosed design. The architectural design of the set drew inspiration from the shape of the letter “M” in Midea’s logo, encircled within a ring. Midea’s air conditioning system maintained a comfortable indoor temperature of around 30°C.

Inside, people could relax in beachwear, lounging on beach chairs, enjoying refreshing cold drinks, and engaging in heartwarming family conversations, all while admiring the beautiful snowy scenery outside. Children played happily on the sand, a stark contrast to the usual cold and isolation of Icelandic winters.


This unique project was a collaboration between Midea and F5 Shanghai, an independent creative agency known for its innovative and disruptive marketing strategies. Along with IRMA, a top Icelandic set construction firm, and True North, a leading film production company, they braved extreme cold, snowstorms, gales, and even volcanic eruptions to bring this concept to life.

Adams Fan, Chief Creative Officer AT F5 Shanghai, remarked, “Executing this crazy idea and turning it into reality was a tough job. We had to battle snowstorms, strong winds, and a volcanic eruption. It wouldn’t have been possible without the client’s full support and our partners’ unwavering dedication and ironwill.”

The event also drew the attention of He Rulong, Chinese Ambassador to Iceland, who visited and commended the project. He remarked, “Midea, the Chinese air conditioning giant, has created a Hawaiian scene in Iceland against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes, showcasing the technological strength of Chinese manufacturing.”

Key to the success of the “Iceland Hawaii” project was Midea’s Flagship III all-season central air conditioner. This advanced product simulated Hawaii’s temperature and climate, adapting to Iceland’s extremely cold weather. With continuous spray enthalpy technology, it provided strong heating even in ultra-low temperatures and operated stably in conditions as low as -25°C.

Midea’s creation of the “Iceland Hawaii” experience cabin not only brought a touch of Hawaiian warmth and personalized care to the local Icelandic community but also showcased the company’s robust technology and product strength. This project highlights Midea’s leading position in the international market and adds a bright spot to China’s global manufacturing story.

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